What are the contraindications of taking stomach medicine?

what are the contraindications of taking stomach medicine?

the antacid sucralfate tablet needs to be chewed and washed down with water. It should be noted that it should not be taken together with milk, tofu and other dairy products and bean products because of its high protein content, It will affect the effect of the drug. More than two thirds of the patients with gastric diseases are caused by excessive gastric acid secretion. Such as chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer and so on, this kind of gastric disease needs to take antacids. The common antacids are mainly to control the secretion of gastric acid in the body. It includes two types: H2 receptor antagonists and proton pump blockers. Before and after taking medicine, if you eat acidic food, such as vinegar or fruit, the efficacy of acid making drugs will be discounted, or even invalid. In addition, there are some proprietary Chinese medicines, such as Baohe Pill, which is used to treat dyspepsia; Acid medicine;, Should try to avoid taking together with acid medicine, so as not to affect the curative effect.

three fear time is not right

gastric mucosal protective drugs can quickly combine with the mucosa after entering the gastrointestinal tract, especially with the damaged mucosa to form a film, covering the mucosal surface to form isolation and protection, and can promote mucosal repair. Commonly used drugs include bismuth potassium citrate, sucralfate, hydrotalcite, smecta, etc. Gastric motility drugs are a kind of drugs to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, commonly used in clinic are metoclopramide, domperidone and so on. These two kinds of drugs should not be taken at the same time. We must take them at a different time. Otherwise, the gastric motility may be discharged from the stomach before it can cover the gastric mucosa, and the efficacy will not be fully exerted.

four afraid to eat

chronic stomach disease often need combined medication, medication order is not right will also affect the curative effect. The commonly used gastric drugs are taken before meals, after meals and during meals. Magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium trisilicate and other basic drugs can play a role in neutralizing gastric acid, and should be taken 1 ~ 3 hours after meals.

how to relieve acute stomachache

1, there are two kinds of drinks should drink more, one is milk, the other is hot water. Milk can form a layer of stomach protective film, every morning after getting up to drink a glass of milk, eating, is no better. Drink plenty of water, especially hot water, because most people mistake lack of water for hunger.

2. People with stomach diseases should give up smoking, alcohol, coffee, strong tea, carbonated drinks (soft drinks), hot and sour food, which are the most harmful to the stomach. The spleen of the stomach likes dryness and aversion to cold, so cold drinks and ice cream must also be given up. Hot food is the best choice, which is a test for anyone, especially in the hot season.

3. In non acute cases, it is not recommended to take medicine, because taking medicine for a long time has side effects, and stomach disease is a chronic disease, which can not be cured in a short time. If necessary, it is recommended to see traditional Chinese medicine, which is especially effective for nourishing the stomach.

4. People with stomach diseases are not suitable for exercise after meals. It’s better to have a rest and wait until the food in the stomach is almost digested before starting to work. Or walking slowly is also better for digestion. In short, it’s not suitable for work after meals.

5. Stomach disease is a chronic disease, which cannot be cured in a short time. The best way to cure a disease is to rely on & lt; Keep & quot;, If you are not in a hurry, you can only get it from the improvement of your living habits.

6. Papaya is suitable for the spleen of the stomach and can be used as food for nourishing the stomach. However, for people with more acid stomach, don’t use too much. Moreover, we must remember that the stomach likes dryness and aversion to cold. In addition to ice, other cold foods like mung bean paste should not be eaten more.

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