What are the dietary taboos of skin diseases

? What are the dietary taboos of skin diseases

1? You can eat more heat clearing and detoxification food, such as mung bean, purslane, etc.

2. All patients with skin diseases related to nutritional deficiency must supplement the nutritional elements they lack. For example, patients with dermatitis, digestive tract and neuropsychiatric symptoms of pellagra must supplement high protein and vitamin rich foods, such as eggs, milk, meat, beans and peanuts, and eat more fruits, vegetables and miscellaneous grains.

3. Avoid the food with thick taste of sorghum, sweet, fat and greasy, raw and wet, sour and pungent food, warm and fire food, greasy animal fat and sea fish food, fried and roasted food, smoke and wine.

4. It is suitable to eat fresh and light vegetarian food, and eat more food with the function of clearing away dampness and heat.

5. Patients with skin diseases should eat a reasonable diet: eat less hot meat and spicy food, because many irritating foods, such as beef, mutton and dog meat, belong to hot meat food, which has a great impact on the recurrence of skin rash. In addition, spicy food is best to eat less, for example, drinking, eating pepper, coriander and leek, this kind of food has a great impact on the incidence of skin diseases.

6. The diet of patients with skin diseases must be light and regular. In summer, our skin is exposed to the outside for a long time, and the risk of allergy is very high. At this time, if the skin function is decreased, and the diet is induced, it is easy to get sick in the acute phase. If the acute phase is not treated timely and effectively, it may turn into chronic skin disease, which is more troublesome.

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