What are the differences between rice and stem rice

maybe many of us use some rice everyday. Rice is the raw material for making rice. Many people especially like to eat rice. It has become a very good habit for many families to eat rice with fried vegetables. However, many stem rice in many rice may hurt our own teeth, A lot of people don’t know how to distinguish. Let’s understand the difference between rice and stem rice.

rice is a kind of finished product made from rice fruit after cleaning, hulling, milling and finishing.

rice is mainly divided into indica rice and japonica rice.

indica rice has the characteristics of weak starch viscosity, large swelling capacity, narrow and long grain, short and sparse spikelets, light and green leaves, hairy leaves, weak fertilizer tolerance, long curved leaves, loose plant type, and high resistance to moisture, heat, strong light, easy to drop grains and strong resistance to rice blast.

japonica rice has strong starch viscosity, less swelling, short round grains, long and dense spikelets, green and thick leaves, smooth leaf surface, strong fertilizer tolerance, short and straight leaves, compact plant type, cold resistance, low light resistance, not easy to drop grains and weak resistance to rice blast.

indica rice and japonica rice are collectively referred to as rice.

Japonica Rice; It is a kind of rice, flowering from July to August, fruiting from August to September. Sex and taste; Ganping, liangbuzhong Yiqi, Jianpi and stomach, Qingre, in addition to thirst (boiling), diarrhea. It can also be used to regulate intestines and stomach, facilitate urination, remove dampness and heat, and eliminate thirst. It’s just a different name. Japonica Rice (rice) is sweet, flat and nontoxic. Channel: into the spleen, stomach. Efficacy: Invigorating Spleen and stomach, relieving thirst and relieving diarrhea. Indications: disharmony between intestines and stomach, summer heat, vomiting and diarrhea, poor urination and thirst. Description: japonica rice is the daily food, people used to call it rice, rice. It’s better to be used as medicine for many years. It’s called Chencang millet. It is used for relieving diarrhea, strengthening stomach and relieving thirst.

we can all tell by the above differences between rice and stem rice. The above differences are very obvious, which can help us to make a good distinction. Rice can be used as the raw material of rice, but stem rice can’t make rice. Stem rice is very hard, and its use value is not very big.

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