What are the disadvantages of eating raw eggs

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can eggs be eaten raw? For this problem is everyone’s concern, because some people often drink raw eggs, think can cure constipation. According to experts, eggs can not be eaten raw, why?

1. Raw eggs are easily contaminated by bacteria.

eggs are produced by the ovaries and cloaca of chickens. In fact, the ovaries and cloaca of chickens contain bacteria, so eggs will be contaminated. Eating raw eggs is easy to cause parasitic diseases, intestinal diseases or food poisoning.

2, hinder the body’s absorption of biotin

raw egg white contains anti biotin substances, the purpose of this substance is to hinder the body’s absorption of biotin contained in egg yolk, and if the egg is cooked, it can not only destroy the antibiotic substances, but also play a role in sterilization, so the egg is not suitable for eating raw.

3, raw eggs have a fishy smell

, raw eggs also have a bad smell, chicken manure smell, and this taste of the human central nervous system inhibition, so that people’s appetite loss, sometimes can make people vomit. Although eggs are nutritious, eating raw eggs is not to increase nutrition, but to hurt the body.

what are the disadvantages of eating raw eggs

1, raw eggs are not easy to digest, nutrients can not be absorbed. The human body relies on pepsin and trypsin in the small intestine to absorb and digest the protein in eggs. There is an antitrypsin substance in the egg white of raw eggs. Its purpose is to hinder the digestion and absorption of protein. If the eggs are cooked, the anti trypsin substance will be consumed, so it is easy to be digested and absorbed by the human body.

2. There is ovalbumin in raw eggs, which can counteract the vitamin B in food. Another kind of antibiotic protein can prevent the body from absorbing biotin, which is one of the vitamins the body needs. If our body lacks biotin, it is easy to have loss of appetite, mental fatigue, skin inflammation, desquamation, hair removal, weight loss, etc., which is not good for human health, so it is not suitable to eat raw eggs.

3. Fresh eggs contain pathogenic Salmonella, mold or parasite eggs. Moreover is not fresh egg, carries the fungus rate to be higher. These bacteria will directly pollute the eggshell, and the eggshell has pores. Of course, bacteria are easy to enter the egg, and there will be bacterial infection in the egg. These bacteria are afraid of high temperature. Boiling for 8 to 10 minutes will kill the bacteria inside and outside the egg.

how to eat the most nutritious eggs

there are many ways to eat eggs, such as boiled eggs, egg soup, scrambled eggs, washed eggs, and so on. From the perspective of nutrition and absorption, in fact, boiled eggs can absorb the most nutrition in eggs. However, for boiled eggs to eat to pay attention to chew slowly swallow, otherwise it will affect absorption and digestion. For children, steamed egg soup and egg soup are the most suitable, because these two methods can make the protein loose and easy to be digested and absorbed by children.

1, steamed egg soup.

the key to steamed egg soup is how to stir the egg liquid. Generally speaking, if the temperature is below 20 ℃, the stirring time should be a little longer (about 5 minutes), so the effect of steamed eggs is very good, with holes of different sizes invisible to the naked eye; If the temperature is above 20 ℃, the time should be shorter.

2, Da Dan Hua Tang.

add a few drops of vinegar when the soup is rolling, and the egg juice will be put into the water to present a beautiful egg flower.

3, boiled eggs.

the key to this method is to master the cooking time, which is generally 8-10 minutes. If the cooking time is short, the protein can not be completely released, and it is not easy to digest and absorb. If cooked for a long time, the protein structure becomes tight from loose, and it is not easy to be digested and absorbed.

in addition, it should be noted that if the eggs are fried in oil, sometimes they are easy to scorch. Once the eggs are fried, the high molecular protein contained in the egg white will become low molecular amino acids, which are toxic substances under high temperature.

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