What are the foods for nourishing yin

recently, many female friends are very prone to various gynecological diseases. The main reason for gynecological diseases is that we don’t attach great importance to our own pudendal hygiene. If this situation can’t be treated in time and effectively, the disease will be more serious, You can take some nourishing yin food to prevent the deterioration of the disease. Let’s learn about the nourishing yin food.

1 Cordyceps: Runfei Bushen, Huatan Zhihan wolfberry: Ziyin Buxue, Yangjing Mingmu Panax quinquefolium: Shengjin Jianwei, Yifei Buxu Huai Yam: Jianpi Zishen, lianhan shougu sangsheng: Yangxue Chubi, qiangjinggu Dendrobium: Zifei Yiwei, Yangyin Mingmu Lily: Runfei Zhike, Yangxin Anshen jujube: Jianpi Yiwei, Zishen Shengxue Chestnut: Jianpi Bushen Strengthening waist, anti-aging dangshen: Invigorating Spleen and Qi, generating body fluid and blood, enhancing resistance bird’s Nest: tonifying lung and Yin, treating asthenia, helping digestion, treating night sweats Tremella: nourishing lung and body fluid, nourishing yin and stomach, supplementing qi and strengthening heart, tonifying brain papaya: eliminating stagnation and clearing intestines, soothing liver spinach: rich in iron and carotene, can replenish blood and moisten intestines, and help digestion

2, Therefore, it is not suitable to eat too warm food, such as ginseng and velvet antler, when taking tonic, otherwise it will make Yang fire too strong, especially if you add oil on the fire to make body fluid burn faster. In fact, yin deficiency women should choose tonics based on the principles of nourishing liver and kidney and nourishing yin and beauty. Among them, winter wormwood is a good choice. Nutrition experts pointed out that winter wormwood can be said to be “versatile” products, its nature is gentle, not cold, not dry, suitable for most people to eat. Winter wormwood has always been effective in tonifying the lung, kidney and liver. It is mainly used for cough and shortness of breath caused by deficiency of both lung and kidney. Modern medicine also found that it has the function of balancing hormones and improving immunity. It has quite a lot of tonic effects, and is most suitable for people with liver and kidney yin deficiency.

what is the food of nourishing yin? Our female friends must pay special attention and eat more of the food introduced above. It can not only help us taste delicious food, but also help us to achieve the purpose of nourishing yin. I hope we can bring some help to get rid of the harm of gynecological diseases.

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