What are the foods for whitening teeth?

what are the methods of tooth whitening? Everyone wants to have a very white tooth. Therefore, in ordinary times, they need to protect themselves. Especially when they brush their teeth every day, they have some methods, which also makes the teeth that are not white become very white. What should we do, There are also some ways.

which tooth whitening methods, many people are not very understanding, the following detailed introduction, so that we have a good understanding of such problems, in tooth whitening, we should pay attention to diet, reasonable arrangement, do not eat at random.

tooth whitening methods:


1, strawberry, 1 / 2 tsp Baking powder. Grind the strawberries into paste, mix them well with the baking powder, apply the mixture evenly on the surface of the teeth with a soft toothbrush, brush off the mixture with toothpaste after 5 minutes, and then gargle.

2, home vinegar (mature vinegar, white vinegar can be, but not vinegar essence) in the mouth for 1 minute to 3 minutes, and then spit out, brush your teeth. The effect is very good! But the teeth will feel very sour, numb (feeling will last about 2 minutes) can not be continuous, often do, about 2 months to do once, it’s good. Otherwise, it’s not good for teeth. When there is an emergency, it can be used as a rescue method (for example, before going out on a date, it’s found that the teeth are yellow), and it can also get rid of bad breath.

3. Dry the orange peel, grind it into powder, mix it with toothpaste and brush your teeth. Your teeth will soon turn white.

4. When you brush your teeth, you can use yeast powder on your toothbrush to help your teeth turn white.

5. After brushing, rub each tooth with lemon juice.

6. Chew the raw peanuts and don’t swallow them. Brush your teeth with peanut crumbs as toothpaste to whiten your teeth.

teeth whitening food


1, water: moderate drinking water can keep the gums moist and stimulate the secretion of saliva. After eating, drink water and take away the food residue in your mouth by the way to prevent bacteria from getting nutrients and damage your teeth.

2, Mentha haplocalyx: Mentha haplocalyx contains monotienes, which can reach the lungs through blood circulation, and feel fresh when breathing.

3, sugar free gum: can increase saliva secretion, neutralize acid in the mouth, further prevent tooth decay.

4, cheese: calcium and phosphate can balance the pH value in the mouth, to avoid the acid environment conducive to bacterial activity in the mouth, causing tooth decay; Regular consumption can increase the quality of tooth surface calcium (calcium food), help to strengthen and rebuild enamel, make teeth stronger.

5, guava / banana: tropical fruits (fruit food) contain high-dimensional C, which can maintain gingival health. If it is seriously lacking, the gums will become fragile and prone to diseases, such as gum swelling, bleeding, tooth loosening or shedding.

6. Celery: the coarse fiber is like a broom, which can sweep away part of the food residue on the teeth. In addition, the harder you chew, the more you can stimulate the secretion of saliva, balance the pH value in the mouth, and achieve the natural antibacterial effect.

7, green tea: green tea contains a lot of fluorine and apatite in teeth, which has the effect of acid resistance and tooth decay prevention; Catechins can reduce the number of Streptococcus mutans that cause tooth decay, and also remove bad breath.

8, onion: sulfur compounds in onions are powerful antibacterial ingredients that can kill Streptococcus mutans, including those that cause tooth decay.

9, Lentinus edodes: lentinan contained in Lentinus edodes can inhibit the bacteria in the mouth to produce dental plaque.

through the above instructions, we also have some understanding of tooth whitening methods. When we are whitening teeth, we can follow the above methods, but we should pay attention to the following. The choice of these methods, are also to adhere to, so that there will be very good results, then the use of such methods, are also very simple and convenient.

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