What are the fruits that are not cold?

there are many people with weak constitution who need to eat more warm fruits when eating fruits. They can’t eat cold fruits. But most people can’t distinguish between warm fruits and cold fruits. They don’t know what fruits are not cold? What are the cold fruits? Now let’s introduce the fruits that are not cold!

traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes balance and harmony of yin and Yang, so people with hot constitution should eat more cold food, while people with cold constitution should eat more warm food. When it comes to food attributes, Chinese medicine has the so-called “four Qi”, which refers to the effect of “cold, hot, warm and cold” when food enters the body. If it is neither warm nor cold, it belongs to the “flat” nature. Each kind of fruit has its own attributes, which are generally divided into “warm”, “cold” and “sweet”. Ganping fruits are: grape, papaya, olive, plum, plum, loquat, hawthorn, apple. Warm fruits are: jujube, chestnut, peach, apricot, longan, litchi, cherry, pomegranate, pineapple.

cold fruits should not be eaten more, otherwise it is harmful to the body. For example, pear taste sweet, with antidiarrheal, catharsis, digestive function, often eat can make skin white and tender. But because it contains a lot of sugar and potash, too much consumption can damage heart and kidney health, such as coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, nephritis and diabetes patients can not eat more.

fruits such as pears, oranges and grapefruit have the functions of relieving cough, resolving phlegm, moistening lungs and helping digestion. However, eating too much can easily cause gastrointestinal disorders, toothache, hemorrhoids and even skin macular. Therefore, people with stomach disease and cold stomach had better eat less.

people with Qi deficiency and spleen deficiency should be very careful when choosing cold fruits such as watermelon, melon, mango, pear and banana. It’s best not to eat them. Qi deficiency, generally refers to the lack of Qi, these people are generally pale, small and thin, unable to eat; Spleen deficiency means that the digestive system is poor and the intestinal peristalsis is slow. Therefore, the more you eat cold fruits, the more you will reduce gastrointestinal peristalsis and muscle weakness. Eating too much will lead to abdominal distension due to indigestion. Therefore, the elderly and children with poor gastrointestinal function are not suitable for eating cold fruits. If they really want to eat, they can eat less after lunch and before dinner, and should not eat too much.

people with deficient cold constitution had better not eat cold fruits and eat more warm fruits. In addition, when eating fruits, you must pay attention to the time of eating fruits, especially cold things. Don’t eat too much. If you eat too much, it may lead to some diseases. You can eat more warm fruits.

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