What are the fruits that can prevent dental disease?

What are the fruits that can prevent dental disease?

what are the fruits that can prevent dental diseases? Guava


is low in calories. Many people use it to increase satiety when dieting, and its vitamin C content is the highest among fruits. Vitamin C is an important nutrient to maintain gingival health. People with severe lack of vitamin C will become vulnerable to diseases, such as gingival swelling, bleeding, tooth loosening or shedding. Therefore, some guava can absorb vitamin C to protect gingival health.

fresh pear

eating fresh pears after meals can eliminate the food residue in the crevices by chewing slowly, washing teeth and massaging gums. It can also prevent gingival congestion and atrophy caused by dental calculus, and improve the peripheral blood circulation of the oral cavity. It has an auxiliary therapeutic effect on the gums redness and toothache caused by stomach fire.


certain compounds in raisins can inhibit the growth of two kinds of bacteria in the mouth, which are the main causes of tooth decay and periodontal inflammation.

Hami melon

children’s oral cavity may breed a variety of bacteria, thus causing gingivitis. Hami melon is rich in vitamin C, which can not only eliminate bacteria, but also promote the production of collagen needed by gums, making gums healthier.


studies have shown that ursolic acid and oleanolic acid extracted from jujube can control the production of enzymes by dental caries, prevent glycoprotein precipitation to form plaque, and do not affect other oral bacteria, and do not damage the balance of oral bacteria. Therefore, if the digestion and absorption function of the spleen and stomach of the elderly is decreased, they can often eat jujube, which can not only strengthen the spleen and stomach, but also protect the teeth, killing two birds with one stone.

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