What are the hazards of excessive drinking

What are the hazards of excessive drinking? Alcohol can increase blood pressure. British researchers have found that even moderate drinking increases blood pressure. Greatly increase the incidence of various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, such as heart disease, stroke and so on. Alcohol can induce myocarditis. Alcoholics, myocardial cells will occur swelling, necrosis and a series of inflammatory reactions. Under the action of alcohol, the heart rate accelerates, the oxygen consumption of the heart increases sharply, and the myocardium is damaged due to fatigue. Long term alcoholism, alcoholic cardiomyopathy will come to the door.

3, bone

excessive drinking alcohol will accelerate the loss of calcium in the body, so people who drink alcohol are prone to osteoporosis and fracture. However, moderate drinking of beer or wine can increase bone mineral density, according to the study. The silicon element in beer is good for bone health, but it should be drunk in an appropriate amount.

4, kidney

alcohol can inhibit the production of antidiuretic hormone. When the body lacks this hormone, it will inhibit the reabsorption of water by the kidney. Therefore, drinkers will always run to the toilet. After a large amount of body water is lost, the electrolyte balance of body fluid is broken, and nausea, dizziness and headache symptoms appear one after another.

5 and

alcohol can make gastric mucosa secrete excessive gastric acid. After drinking a lot of alcohol, the epithelial cells of gastric mucosa are damaged, leading to mucosal edema, bleeding, even ulcer and erosion. More severe degree will appear gastric bleeding.

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