What are the health benefits of natural pigments in vegetables

What benefits can natural pigments in vegetables bring to health

what benefits can natural pigments in vegetables bring to health

the antioxidant effect of carotenoids is 100 times of vitamin E!

when it comes to antioxidant vitamins, people usually think of vitamin E and vitamin C first, but in fact, natural pigments in plants also have strong antioxidant effect. This is because carotenoids are pigment components that protect plants from light oxidation. Where chlorophyll, which uses light to synthesize energy, exists in plants, there must be carotenoids. It can make reactive oxygen species activated by light oxidation non-toxic and has disinfection effect, so as to protect plant growth and alleviate aging.

all animals, including humans, accumulate carotenoids through daily intake of vegetables and fruits; Different kinds of animals have different levels of carotenoids in their blood. The more carotenoids in their blood, the longer their life. Studies have found that human beings have more carotenoids in their blood than other mammals, such as horses, sheep, mice and so on. This may be because during human evolution, due to hair degradation, ultraviolet rays in the sun directly irradiate human skin, In order to protect themselves, carotenoids in the blood are easier to accumulate& rdquo; It is found that carotenoids have a strong ability to eliminate reactive oxygen species produced by light, and their antioxidant capacity is almost 50-100 times that of vitamin E.

carotenoids can resist ultraviolet rays, prevent wrinkles and skin aging

besides protecting eyes, carotenoids can also protect skin. With the increase of age, the skin will also have various problems, but in addition, the exposed part of the skin is easy to appear due to the sunlight; Photoaging;, May lead to accelerated aging of skin, cause wrinkles and other skin aging problems. UVA and UVB can reach the epidermis 5 mm away from the epidermis, or even the dermis 1-4 mm away from the epidermis, producing reactive oxygen species. Reactive oxygen species can oxidize the cholesterol in the skin, produce enzymes that promote the decomposition of collagen, leading to skin relaxation, sagging and aging. However, in mice, it was found that the uptake of & beta- Carotene can inhibit the decomposition of collagen and protect skin from light damage.

lutein and zeaxanthin can protect the eyes.

carotenoids can protect the human body in many aspects. The most thoroughly studied mechanism is the protection of the eyes. Studies have found that carotenoids can prevent and improve age-related macular degeneration. The so-called age-related macular degeneration, refers to with the growth of people’s age, is located in the center of the retina 5-6 mm position of the macular lesions of a disease, when the macular problems, vision will significantly decline, it is difficult to see the text, the most common people over 50 years old, the number of patients in recent years is also increasing.

experts pointed out that a large amount of lutein and zeaxanthin are accumulated in the macular region, because the eyes are the most vulnerable part of the human body to light, so there will be more accumulation of carotenoids to protect the eyes from light damage. In a study, 90 patients with age-related macular degeneration were divided into three groups: those who took lutein 10 mg daily, those who took health care products containing lutein 10 mg daily, and those who took fake health care products. The results showed that the visual acuity of those who took lutein and health care products containing lutein improved to varying degrees. In addition, a study of 17 people with senile cataract found that the group taking lutein improved their vision more significantly than those taking vitamin E.

experts said that blue light in the sun is the most harmful to the eyes, because the energy contained in blue light is about 100 times that of red light, which is easy to damage cells. In addition to sunlight, tablet computers, mobile phones and LED screens used by people in daily life will emit blue light. People who face blue light for a long time in daily life should consciously supplement more food rich in lutein to protect their eyes.

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