What are the methods of making tea?

tea is a 5000 year old Chinese culture, which is a proud thing for Chinese people. However, few people really make tea culture. Many people don’t know how to make tea correctly. How to make tea can reflect the skills we should have as the birthplace of tea. So, what are the methods of making tea? How to make tea correctly?

1 and

are the most common tea drinking methods before Tang Dynasty. The process has been introduced in detail by Lu Yu in the book of tea. Generally speaking, first of all, the cake tea should be ground up for use. Then start boiling water. Put the selected water in the kettle and boil it with charcoal fire. But not all boiling, add tea powder. Tea mingled with water. When the two boils came, foamed cakes were found, and the bubbles were small camellia. At this time, the foam cake ladle out, put cooked bowl, in order to spare. Continue to cook, tea and water further fusion, waves rolling surge, known as three boiling. At this time, the water and tea poured out of the foam cake at the second boiling point will be strictly measured according to the number of people. After the tea soup is cooked, pour it into everyone’s bowl evenly, including rain and dew, sharing the meaning of sweetness and bitterness.

2, ordering tea method

this method is used for tea fighting in Song Dynasty, and it is also used by tea people. At this time, the tea is no longer cooked directly, but the cake tea is crushed first and put into a bowl for use. Boil the water in a kettle, and then wash the bowl when it boils. But tea powder and water also need to blend together. So he invented a tool called “tea”. Tea is a tool for making tea. It is made of gold, silver and iron, most of which are made of bamboo. The literati called it “master stirring tea”. When the water is put into the tea bowl, you need to fight hard with the tea. At this time, the water and milk blend together, and the foam rises in Zhejiang, and Pan Pan Ran is like a cloud of snow. The quality of tea is evaluated by the appearance of foam and the appearance of water lines. Foam cake white, water feet late dew and do not disperse for the upper. Because of the fusion of tea and milk, the water is thick, and the cup is not dry after drinking, which is naturally called “biting Cup”.

as the birthplace of tea, it is essential to understand the method of making tea. We don’t need to be a master, but we should know the culture of making tea better than ordinary foreigners, carry forward our 5000 year history of Chinese culture, and can’t do practical operation, because to understand the theoretical truth, this is what a Chinese should understand.

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