What are the methods to remove oil pollution?

in real life, many people are particularly worried about oil pollution, because oil pollution is particularly difficult to clean up, so many people want to know in detail what are the methods to remove oil pollution in order to clean up oil pollution conveniently and simply? In order to understand more ways to remove oil, let’s take a look at the following detailed introduction.

plant ash degreasing

basin, bowl and dish stained with oil can be wiped with plant ash or sawdust, then washed with rice washing water, and then washed with clean water.

waste tea degreasing

tableware stained with too much oil can be wiped with waste tea or squeeze toothpaste with a little water, and then washed with water.

scale removing grease

scale in the kettle, take it out and grind it fine, dip it in the wet cloth and wipe the utensils. It has strong decontamination power. It can easily wipe off the grease on the ceramic and enamel utensils, and can also polish the copper and aluminum cookware products with excellent effect.

waste newspaper can be used to remove the oil stain on

container. First, wipe it with waste newspaper, then brush it with alkaline water, and finally rinse it with clean water.

oil removal of yellow rice wine after the utensils are polluted by kerosene, they can be cleaned with yellow rice wine, scrubbed, and then washed with clean water.

removing oil from green vegetable leaves.

removing oil and tar from fresh pear peel. Fresh pear peel can be put in the pot and boiled with water. It’s easy to remove the burnt oil stains. Charcoal can remove the burnt rice stains. When cooking, the burnt rice stains will be left at the bottom of the pot. It’s not easy to remove them. Next time, it’s easy to burn again. If you use charcoal to wipe, no matter how big and thick the burnt part is, you can wipe it clean without damaging the pot.

cuttlefish bone oil on cooking utensils

oil on household cooking utensils is difficult to remove with alkali. If the cuttlefish bone is used to rub hard on the cooker, the satisfactory effect can be obtained.

warm tea residue in addition to cooking oil,

cooking oil, you can use the remaining warm tea residue on the cooking utensil to wipe several times, you can wash the grease. If there is no fresh warm tea dregs, dry tea dregs and boiling water can be used to soak, and oil stains can also be wiped off.

Baijiu except table oil

after eating, the table is always stained with oil stains, with hot cloth is also hard to wipe. If you pour a little Baijiu on the table and wipe it with clean cloth for several times, you can get rid of it.

the above content introduces different methods to remove oil pollution to many people, so after fully understanding, you can refer to the above introduction when you usually remove oil pollution. When you usually encounter oil pollution, you can easily remove oil pollution as soon as possible through the above introduction and some methods of removing oil pollution.

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