What are the nutritional values of boiled peanuts

in fact, peanuts are not very strange or even very familiar in our daily life, but most of the time you may choose to eat raw peanuts, but boiled peanuts are also good. Let’s learn about the nutritional value of boiled peanuts.

nutritional value:

autumn is the mature season of peanut, peanut nutritional value is very high, containing 40% to 50% fat, twice as much as soybean; It contains about 30% protein, more than twice as much as wheat and three times as much as rice; And peanut is easy to be absorbed by human body, and its digestibility coefficient is about 90%. In addition, peanut also contains riboflavin, calcium, phosphorus, lecithin, unsaturated fatty acids and a variety of vitamins, so peanut is also known as “evergreen fruit”.

edible peanut can decompose cholesterol in human liver into bile acid, enhance its excretion and reduce cholesterol. Hongyi (peanut kernel skin) can inhibit the dissolution of fibrin, promote platelet neogenesis, strengthen the contractile function of capillaries, and is beneficial to patients with thrombocytopenia, pulmonary tuberculosis hemoptysis and urinary tract hemorrhage. In order to give full play to the health function of peanut, we should pay attention to the scientific eating method.

boiled peanut has high nutrition. Some people are used to eating fried peanut kernels or eating them after frying, which will cause a lot of damage to the glycerides and secretory esters in the red coat of peanut. Therefore, the nutritional value of eating peanut kernels boiled is higher. And after boiling, aflatoxin, which is easily contaminated by peanuts, can be dissolved in water, which makes it safer to eat.

vinegar soaked peanut “Tianxianpei”. Peanuts contain unsaturated fatty acids needed by human body, but after all, they are high in lipids, high in calories and greasy. And a variety of organic acids in vinegar is just the solution of greasy and fragrant. Therefore, soaking peanuts in vinegar for more than a week, eating seven or eight grains every night for a week as a course of treatment, can reduce blood pressure, soften blood vessels, reduce cholesterol accumulation.

the above article gives you a detailed introduction to the nutritional value of boiled peanuts. I believe you have a relatively preliminary understanding, so in your daily life, you can learn to make boiled peanuts at home, which is good for your health.

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