What are the practices of small red beans?

small red beans have bright color, high nutritional value and the function of enriching blood and iron. Therefore, for many families, they like to eat some foods made by small red beans. The following content gives many people a detailed introduction of the methods of small red beans? For many people who want to learn the method of little red bean, you can have a specific understanding of the following content.

1. Materials for making red bean jelly:

main ingredients: 250g red bean,

accessories: 75g starch (corn), 60g egg white, 2G alkali,

seasoning: 300g white granulated sugar,

1. Wash red bean and add a little alkali to boil it;

2. Remove the skin, rub it into fine black sand, and press dry the water;



5. Put 750 grams of clean water in the pot and bring to a boil over high fire;

6. Pour in sugar and heat until sugar dissolves;

7. Pour the bean paste into the mixture evenly, and slowly pour in the corn powder while stirring. When stirring into a thick paste, immediately put in the egg white and coffee essence, and remove from the fire;

8. Stir the paste vigorously, then pour it into Tang porcelain basin, flatten and cool;

9. Put it in the refrigerator, cut it into cubes and pour strawberry jam. Raw materials: red beans 200g lotus seeds 15g fresh lily 50g tangerine peel two pieces of rock sugar 80g clear water 1000ml.

2) wash the lotus seeds and tangerine peel, remove the root of the fresh lily, remove the black edge, wash and drain.

3) put the red beans, tangerine peel and lotus seeds into the pot, add enough water, bring to a boil over high heat, and then turn to low heat for 1 hour. Pay attention to the amount of water in the pot, and often stir the red beans in the pot with a spoon to avoid sticking to the pot.

4) after the bean paste is cooked, add fresh lily and rock sugar, and then continue to cook for 5 minutes. While boiling, stir the bean paste with a spoon until the rock sugar completely melts and the bean paste becomes thick.

through a comprehensive understanding, I believe you have understood some practices of little red bean. After a comprehensive understanding of some practices of little red bean, in order to protect your health and eat some delicious food made by little red bean, you can have a comprehensive understanding of the above and learn how to make it, so that you can learn some production methods of little red bean as soon as possible.

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