What are the precautions for eating wild vegetables

What are the precautions for eating wild vegetables

what are the precautions for eating wild vegetables

1, don’t pick wild vegetables on the roadside.

the wild vegetables growing on the roadside are easy to be polluted. Do not pick the wild vegetables on the garbage ground or on the roadside.

2, do not know not to pick, do not eat.

some wild vegetables look green and lovely, but they may not be edible. When picking wild vegetables, we must pay attention to those we don’t know.

3. Don’t be greedy for wild vegetables.

wild vegetables, after all, are wild vegetables and have not become & lt; Home cooking & quot; There must be some reasons. This is the experience of our ancestors in their own practice. Therefore, it’s OK to taste fresh food and improve the taste occasionally. It’s not suitable to eat a lot every day. Eating wild vegetables is originally to promote health. If improper eating brings negative effects, it will backfire.


some wild vegetables are slightly poisonous. They need to be boiled and soaked to remove the poison. They must be treated carefully before eating.

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