What are the skills of playing mahjong

playing mahjong is a kind of entertainment for the public. Many friends do it, but the methods in each place are slightly different, but the rules are roughly the same. Many people will make an appointment with good friends or family members to play mahjong at home during the break, which can not only let family members and friends get together and get close to each other, We will have a lot of fun together.

in entertainment, many people will want to use their brains to understand the skills of playing mahjong, so as to enrich the game and exercise their mental flexibility. In fact, there are many skills in playing mahjong. As long as you pay a little attention at ordinary times and sum up experience, you will master them, but different people will have many different ways, Therefore, the skills of playing mahjong should first master the major skills, and then vary from person to person, there will be a greater chance of winning. Some common sense of playing mahjong. When we play mahjong, anything can happen. When our master gets a good hand, we can’t control him or make a deduction from him. Don’t panic at this moment. It’s a very important mahjong skill to cast a stone to ask the way in our winning skills, This method of mahjong can affect our winning and losing probability. The so-called “throw a stone to ask the way” in Mahjong is a tactic that uses the method of exploring the opponent’s hand to get rid of one’s own doubts. This is called “exploring the enemy and dispelling doubts”. I hope that I can find out the clues of his hand from my family’s eating and touching, so as to control him. For example, my family’s house cards are full of Wanzi and tiaozi, but if I don’t give up a tube, I can basically infer that he is collecting tubes. It is not known that Wan Zi and tiaozi of the lower family have been formed, so they are given up at the same time. In order to find out the details, just ask with a package. If you eat it, it will undoubtedly indicate that you are collecting the package. Of course, a card is broken, but “if you don’t get into the tiger’s den, you can get the tiger’s son”, and then you just hold on to the bobbin tightly, which is no harm to the overall situation. In the first few circles, some people will lose the spring breeze. If you have something in your hand, you should lose the West Breeze first. Because some people can take the West breeze to others, and if others throw you, you will be turned out. You can still take the spring breeze to others; If you eat 2, 5, 8, you don’t need to eat it; Don’t lift a single piece that you haven’t seen before. The best way to lift a single piece is to knock both ends off, and see a piece or wind outside.

playing mahjong common sense 2:

playing mahjong skills ten pithy formula – internal mental skill fate determines everything, and pithy formula can determine victory. The most important thing in playing mahjong is the passion of playing mahjong. How to play mahjong? We have also summed up some very useful unique skills in playing mahjong. If we don’t believe it, we can have a try. How to play mahjong? Let’s see the following unique skills in playing mahjong. 1. 147258 rule: if you lose 10000 yuan, you don’t eat 30000, 40000 or 70000 yuan, and you can eat 20000 or 50000 yuan; 2. After half a decade, the upper family began to drop the wind, don’t touch (touch and listen to Zhang Zai Wai); 3. The card game is not easy. The best way is not to move a card. If you want to play a familiar card, you can eat a big card; 4. If you lose 30000 or 80000, you should be careful if you can hold 30000, 50000, 60000 or 80000, and if you can play 40000 or 70000; 5. If you lose 80000 or 90000, you can still have 40000 or 70000 in your hand. You should be careful when you hit 40000 or 70000; 6. In the first few laps, apart from the inlay and side cards, the two ends cards are the best. He will play the other card first, and then he will get this kind of card at home; 7. If you have one or two cards in your hand, if you lose 30000 to this type of card, if you have a mix (versatile), don’t eat it; 8. Except for the spring breeze, all the wind outside can be seen, so you can’t fight. If you can open the bar, you can fight at least two times; 9. 70000 people have been knocked off, 80000 people have seen two, and 90000 people have been touched; 10. At the beginning of the card, first lose the swing card, then lose the wind son, but the wind son in the hand can’t surpass two cards; Of course, there are many other skills, such as: I have no mix (versatile) listen to Zhang, such as 20000 or 50000, the family lost 20000 or 50000, if you eat 2, 5, 8, there is no need to eat; Don’t lift a single piece that you haven’t seen before. The best way to lift a single piece is to touch both ends and see a piece or wind outside; In the first few laps, some people throw spring breeze. If you have something in your hand, you have to throw West Breeze first. Because some people can take West Breeze and others can throw you, you will be turned out in a circle. You can still take spring breeze and so on.

playing mahjong 3:

Guangdong mahjong skills! Yes, I don’t want to. It’s even worse to hang. How to listen to the cards depends on my intelligence and experience! This is the mahjong technique!

when listening to the cards, try not to listen to the right ones. Because, if you think about it, if you listen to the right card, you have already won four cards! If you are lucky that the cards you want to draw are not taken or eaten or touched, you can draw at most four cards!

Guangdong mahjong, if you have continuous cards, such as 50000 or 60000, you can listen to 40000 or 70000. If you are lucky, you can not get or be eaten or touched, then you can have up to eight cards to self touch, that is, you can have twice the chance of self touch than listening to the right one. If the card type is better, you can listen to more than three holes, such as two or three, 4、 Fifty or sixty thousand, you can listen to one, forty or seventy thousand. There are more opportunities! It doesn’t matter in any way, just take the easiest way. However, about playing mahjong fast self touch skills, please pay attention to the following matters. Don’t touch your opponent’s first card. This is to see their first tour of the card luck is good or bad, the first card to let it through, also can appear again, maybe, don’t rush to eat touch. If you want to add bars, you must pay attention to the situation on the disk and confirm the safety of the card. Otherwise, sometimes you will be robbed.

playing a familiar card does not play a raw card, the sick card does not go out, the sick card is only an absolute danger card, enter the dangerous period, should play a familiar card, should not take the lead in playing a raw card. If you don’t play mahjong when the time is not right, if you have something on your mind or something urgent, you will not be satisfied and you will fail in the end. In the match, we should restrain the winner and help the loser. When the red and black cards are coming, we should try our best not to be soft hearted when the winning pursuit card is in good luck, otherwise we will lose our temper and lose our luck. Even Zhuang does not play East into the game, Shun Gu three play mahjong, in addition to Gu good home card, also pay attention to other home card. If you have no hope of winning the Hu card, you should avoid those who hold the big card, and let those who hold the small card win the Hu card or the smelly village. This is also one of the ways of fighting. If you can win one of the four games, you won’t lose.

eating disordered tendons, touching disordered tendons, eating cards and touching cards will make playing cards look brand new and present a new situation. Therefore, if you want to call for food or touch, you should not make the other party aware of it. In the early stage of unexpected food or touch, you can confuse the enemy’s eyes and the situation on the disk. Otherwise, the effect of food or touch will be weak and powerless. A good card plays first. Usually, a good card is three to seven of the index cards. If you have four or five tubes in your hand, and then touch into seven tubes, it’s better to play as early as possible. If there are enough six groups of cards in hand, it is necessary to make a decision immediately and play early, so as to avoid too late to go. Master these Guangdong card winning skills, see if your luck is much better.

you have mastered the skills of playing mahjong. It will be more convenient and proficient to practice when you play again. You might as well make an appointment with your family and friends to have a try. Let’s see how your luck is. Playing mahjong is for entertainment. I hope you don’t gamble and destroy the fun of mahjong.

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