What are the special functions of band aids

What are the special functions of band aids

the special functions of band aids

1. If the glasses legs are broken or the screws at the joint are lost, you can use band aids to connect the glasses legs and glasses. There is no problem in using them in a short time.

2, the tent or sleeping bag has a small hole. When there is no repair glue, it can be temporarily pasted with band aid to prevent the tent from leaking or sleeping bag from leaking.

3. You can roll the plastic into a funnel, tear off the dressing in the middle of the band aid and put it in the middle of the funnel to filter out the impurities in the water.

4, carsick friends, before going on the road, casually find a small hotel to take a piece of ginger, with band aids pasted on the navel, prevent carsick, easy to use.

5. If the shoes you just bought don’t fit, you may get stuck in the heel. If you stick a band aid on the back of the shoes, the problem will be alleviated a lot.

6. The climate is too dry. The joint of fingers and nails often cracks and causes unbearable pain. Cut off the adhesive part of the band aid and cover the crack directly. If you stick it well, you can stop the pain immediately.

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