What are the suitable people for green tea

some of us may have the habit of drinking tea. People who know tea know that tea is also very good for our health. Everyone is used to drinking different kinds of tea. One kind of tea that we are all familiar with is green tea. Green tea is fresh and delicious, which has won the ignorance of many people, But green tea is not everyone can drink, need to know more about some of the relevant precautions, let’s understand the green tea suitable for the crowd.

green tea is not a drink suitable for all people. A few days ago, the reporter visited several supermarkets and teahouses in Beijing. Most of the salesmen and consumers didn’t know the taboo of drinking green tea.

Xuanwu hospital nutrition department people suggest that consumers, green tea is cold, stomach bad people drink green tea easy to cause gastrointestinal flatulence and other symptoms.

at the same time, there are several types of people are not suitable for drinking green tea: menstrual women: menstrual blood will consume iron in the body, tannin in tea will hinder the body’s absorption of iron in food; Pregnant women: caffeine in tea will increase the load of heart and kidney of pregnant women; Lactating women: tannin in tea affects blood circulation of mammary gland and inhibits milk secretion; Menopausal women: drinking green tea may lead to rapid heartbeat and poor sleep quality.

reporters have come to a number of teahouses and supermarkets, found that sales staff do not understand the taboo of drinking green tea, only individuals know that green tea is cold, “other did not think much.”.

the first thing to know is the composition of green tea. Modern scientific research has confirmed that green tea contains more than 450 kinds of organic compounds and more than 15 kinds of inorganic minerals. Most of these ingredients have health care and disease prevention effects.

1, reduce fat and weight, prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The relationship between tea drinking and weight loss is very close. The book Shennong materia medica has mentioned the weight loss effect of tea more than 2000 years ago: “taking tea for a long time can ease your mind and replenish your Qi… You are not old”. Modern scientific research and clinical experiments have confirmed that drinking tea can reduce blood lipids and cholesterol, and make the body lighter. This is the result of the comprehensive coordination of phenolic derivatives, aromatic substances, amino acids and vitamins in tea, especially the comprehensive effect of tea polyphenols with tea and vitamin C, which can promote fat oxidation, help digestion and metabolism Reduce fat and lose weight. In addition, tea polyphenols can dissolve fat, while vitamin C can promote cholesterol excretion. Green tea itself contains tea tannin, tea tannin is to improve the toughness of blood vessels, so that blood vessels are not easy to rupture. A study published in the journal Circulation of the American Heart Association in May 2002 shows that regular tea drinking can help reduce the risk of death from heart disease. Researchers from Harvard Medical School conducted a follow-up survey on 1900 heart disease patients, mainly those over 60 years old. The survey found that those who drink more than 14 cups of tea per week on average have a 44% lower risk of death in about three and a half years after a heart attack than those who do not drink tea. The study also showed that even if patients drink an average of less than 14 cups of tea a week, it could reduce heart disease mortality by 28%.

what are the suitable people for green tea? We need to know more about it. Green tea is a very good drink. Compared with other kinds of tea, green tea is rich in a lot of trace elements beneficial to human body. It’s very good to drink it for a long time. I hope it can help you and avoid the harm caused by the unsuitable people drinking green tea.

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