What are the taboos of eating black fungus?

What are the taboos of eating black fungus?

what are the taboos of eating Auricularia auricula?

unsuitable population:

people with hemorrhagic diseases and diarrhea should not eat or eat less; Pregnant women should not eat more.


flowers are small and broken, ear petals are curly and thick or have stiff pieces, body is wet, flesh hail, surface color is dark, constitution is heavy, gray or brown flowers are secondary. When buying Auricularia auricula, you should choose the dry Auricularia auricula which is large and moderate, light in weight, black in color, no stiff block, clear aroma and no impurities. Auricularia auricula should not be mixed with other sundries. Take appropriate amount of Auricularia auricula and chew it slightly. You should feel the taste is right and fragrant. If there is astringency, it means that it has been soaked with alum. Sweet taste is mixed with maltose water. The smell of alkali is soaked in alkaline water.

cooking taboo:

dry Auricularia auricula should be soaked with warm water before cooking, and the part still compressed together after soaking should not be eaten.

1. Put Auricularia auricula in warm water, then put in salt, soak for half an hour to make Auricularia auricula soften quickly;

2, put agaric in warm water, then add two spoonfuls of starch, and then stir. This method can remove the fine impurities and residual sand particles of Auricularia auricula.

same food taboo:

Auricularia auricula is not suitable to eat with snails, from the food properties, cold snails, encounter slippery Auricularia auricula, not conducive to digestion, so the two should not eat together. Auricularia auricula and pheasant are not suitable to eat together, pheasant has small poison, both of them are easy to induce hemorrhoids bleeding. Auricularia auricula is not suitable to eat with wild duck, wild duck is sweet and cool, and easy to indigestion.

food taboo:

black fungus moisten, easy to smooth intestines, suffering from chronic diarrhea should eat, otherwise it will aggravate the symptoms of diarrhea. Black fungus is not suitable for those with loose stools. Black fungus with moldy and putrefaction smell is strictly forbidden to eat, in order to prevent poisoning.

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