What are the taboos of eating carrots?

What are the taboos of eating carrots?

there are two best cooking methods to keep carrot nutrition: one is to cut carrot into slices, add seasoning and stir fry with enough oil; Second, cut carrots into pieces, add seasoning, and simmer for 15-20 minutes in a pressure cooker.

what are the taboos of eating carrots?

1, carrot and white radish should not be eaten together.

carrot and white radish together into a dish, looks red and white, very good-looking, in fact, is not scientific. Because carrots contain a substance called enzyme, which can destroy the high content of vitamin C in white radish.

2, add appropriate amount of vinegar and soy sauce to cook carrots.

carrots contain very strong vitamin C enzyme, which will make other vegetables lose all vitamin C in the cooking process. In order to prevent this situation, should add appropriate amount of vinegar and soy sauce.

3. Don’t eat too much carrot.

large intake of carotene can change the pigment of the skin and turn it into orange.

4. Carrots are not suitable for eating raw.

carrots are known as & lt; The treasure house of vitamin A;, However, carotene, which can be converted into vitamin A under the action of small intestinal mucosa, is a fat soluble substance. Only when it is cooked with edible oil or meat, can it be fully absorbed by the human body. Therefore, carrots are not suitable for eating raw. In terms of cooking methods, it’s better to stew carrots in a pressure cooker. Because it reduces the contact between carrots and air, making them & beta- The storage rate of carotene can be as high as 97%, and the digestion and absorption rate in vivo can reach 90%.

5. Carrots are not suitable for wine and vegetables.

research found that carotene rich in carrots and alcohol together into the human body, will produce toxins in the liver, causing liver disease. So & lt; Carrot Wine & quot; It is unhealthy to eat carrot juice, especially after drinking carrot juice.

6. Don’t peel carrots.

the nutritional essence of carrot is on the surface of carrot. Experts suggest that when you wash carrots, you don’t have to peel them. Just wipe them gently.

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