What are the taboos of eating garlic?

What are the taboos of eating garlic?

what are the taboos of eating garlic?

1. Avoid eating garlic on an empty stomach to prevent acute gastritis.

2, avoid eating garlic when diarrhea. This is because when the patient has diarrhea, because of the cold or eating unclean food with pathogenic bacteria, it causes local intestinal mucosal tissue inflammatory infiltration, intestinal wall vascular permeability variation, intestinal gland secretion hyperactivity, resulting in protein, water and salt metabolism disorder, so that a large number of body fluids into the intestinal cavity, at the same time, bacteria and toxins stimulate the intestinal wall, so that intestinal peristalsis speed up and produce diarrhea. At this time, the whole intestinal cavity was in & lt; Supersaturation & quot; In the state of stress, eating garlic will further irritate the intestinal wall, promote blood vessels to further congestion and edema, make more tissue fluid flow into the intestine and aggravate diarrhea.

3. Avoid eating garlic for a long time. Garlic has the effect of making the intestines hard, which is often a cause of constipation, and can kill a large number of intestinal bacteria, which can also cause some skin diseases.

4. Avoid eating too much garlic. Every day, adults can eat two or three slices of raw garlic and four or five slices of cooked garlic. Children can eat half as much as they like.

5. Some people have special reaction to garlic, so if they feel uncomfortable after eating, they should avoid eating.

6, avoid external use, in order to avoid skin rupture.

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