What are the taboos of eating mangosteen

What are the taboos of eating mangosteen; Dead bamboo;, If the skin is hard and dry, the skin can’t be sunken and the color of the peduncle is dark, which means that the mangosteen is too old to eat. If the skin is soft, it means that it is fresh and edible. You can also look at the peduncle under the fruit. If there are several peduncle, it means that there are several pulp in the fruit. Generally, there is only one larger seed in a mangosteen, so be careful when eating.

is suitable for

and can be eaten by ordinary people. It’s more suitable for people who are weak and sick. Although most people can eat mangosteen, it’s enough to eat three a day. Because of high sugar content, obese people should eat less, and those with diabetes should avoid eating. It also contains high potassium, so patients with kidney disease and heart disease should eat less.

should be careful when eating

the eating method is generally to break off the shell. You must be careful when peeling the shell, and pay special attention not to dye the purple or red shell juice on the flesh petals, because it will affect the taste, and it is very difficult to wash off when it touches the clothes.

edible taboo

mangosteen relative to durian, cold, antipyretic cooling effect, can dissolve fat, moisten and reduce fire, if skin sores, young people with acne, can eat mangosteen raw, also can use mangosteen soup. One king and one queen, one hot and one cool. After eating durian with tonic, eating mangosteen has the effect of clearing away heat. Mangosteen is rich in cellulose, which will absorb water and swell in the stomach. Excessive consumption will cause constipation. If you eat too much, you can use brown sugar to boil ginger tea to relieve it. In addition, because mangosteen is the coldest fruit. Therefore, it’s OK to eat less for people with deficient cold constitution, but it’s not suitable to eat more, and don’t eat with watermelon cold food.

pregnant women should pay attention to

pregnant women with normal constitution can eat mangosteen. Mangosteen contains folic acid, fat, protein powder and other substances beneficial to pregnant women. It should be said that it is very safe and healthy to draw nutrients from fruits. Pregnant women can nourish their bodies by eating mangosteen.

mangosteen is rich in vitamins and minerals. Its flesh is white, tender and soft. It is sweet and slightly sour in the mouth. It can supplement many nutrients for pregnant women.

mangosteen is cold and cool, and has excellent effect of reducing thermal decomposition and dryness. It is the fruit most compatible with durian, the king of fruits. After eating a lot of durian, eating a few mangosteen can clear away heat, which is not only beneficial to the body, but also not inflamed.

however, pregnant mothers must pay attention to: the sugar content of mangosteen is high, so pregnant women with gestational hypertension and gestational diabetes are not allowed to eat. Mangosteen contains high potassium, pregnant mothers with kidney disease and heart disease should eat less; Mangosteen is cold, so people with weak constitution should eat less; In addition, mangosteen is rich in cellulose, too much food will cause constipation, this pregnant mother can’t ignore oh. Soybean milk, beer, cabbage, mustard, bitter gourd with eat, if pregnant mother worried about the cold of bamboo damage to the body, can cook to eat or cook, fruit can also be included in the dish.

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