What are the taboos of eating mutton?

What are the taboos of eating mutton?

three types of people should not eat mutton

1, internal heat

mutton is warm, often eat easy to get angry. Suffering from thermal diseases, such as damp heat, teeth and furuncle, hemorrhoids and other patients should not eat mutton. Hypertension, liver Yang exuberant people should not eat mutton, otherwise it will cause dizziness. Often erosion of the tongue, red eyes, bitter mouth, irritability, sore throat, swollen gums or diarrhea are avoid mutton.

2, liver disease patients

due to the rich protein content of mutton, a large amount of protein and fat intake will increase the burden on the liver. Moreover, mutton is warm and sweet, too much consumption may lead to aggravation of hepatitis. If suffering from chronic diseases, especially liver disease, should not eat mutton.

3, children

many people like to buy mutton to stew or make soup for the whole family. Experts remind that mutton is warm and helps Yang. Children should be careful when eating mutton for tonic. Children’s constitution is particularly easy to dry, so they are not suitable for tonic and should not eat mutton. If you eat it, you can taste one or two pieces. Whether it is stewed mutton or boiled mutton slices, mutton is more suitable for adults.

which food should not be eaten with mutton?

1, do not eat with vinegar,

sour vinegar has a astringent effect, is not conducive to the growth of Yang in the body, eat with mutton will make its warm tonic effect greatly reduced.

2, avoid to eat with tea

, because mutton is rich in protein, and tea contains more tannic acid, eat mutton when drinking tea, will produce tannic acid protein, make intestinal peristalsis weaken, reduce stool water, and then induce constipation.

3, avoid eating with chestnuts

mutton and chestnuts are not suitable for eating, because they are not easy to digest, stew and stir fry together are not appropriate, eating with may also cause vomiting.

4, avoid eating with pumpkin

, because mutton and pumpkin are warm food, if they are eaten together, they are easy to eat; Get angry;. When cooking mutton, you should also put less pepper, pepper, ginger, clove, fennel and other spicy hot condiments.

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