What are the taboos of eating oranges?

What are the taboos of eating oranges?

what are the taboos of eating oranges?

the air is cold and dry in winter, people’s body is prone to many problems, the decline of resistance, and the skin is easy to become dry due to lack of water. In this season, we should eat some seasonal fruits to supplement the body’s nutrients and improve the body’s immunity. Orange is a very good choice. It tastes sweet and sour, has a lot of water, and contains many kinds of essential nutrients. So, what’s the taboo to eat orange?

taboo 1: people with Yin deficiency constitution should eat less

oranges, which are warm and easy to get angry, especially those with Yin deficiency and Yang excess constitution, it is better to eat less, otherwise they will have symptoms such as sore mouth and tongue, dry mouth and tongue, sore throat, constipation and so on.

taboo 2: taking medicine and avoiding eating oranges

oranges are rich in fruit acid and vitamin C. when taking vitamin K, sulfonamides, spironolactone and potassium supplements, you should avoid eating oranges.

taboo 3: should not eat with radish

radish into the human body, will quickly produce a substance called sulfate, and quickly metabolize to produce an antithyroid substance & mdash& mdash; Thiocyanate. If you eat oranges at this time, the flavonoids in oranges will be decomposed in the intestine and converted into hydroxybenzoic acid and ferulic acid, which can strengthen the inhibitory effect of thiocyanate on thyroid, thus inducing or leading to goiter.

taboo four: before meals or on an empty stomach should not eat

although the benefits of oranges, but should not eat more, and it is recommended not to eat oranges on an empty stomach, because the orange pulp contains a certain amount of organic acids, easy to stimulate the gastric mucosa.

taboo 5: avoid making tea with fresh orange peel

most of the oranges after picking are soaked in preservatives and then put on the market. Preservative is a kind of chemical agent, which has no effect on the pulp, but the residual preservatives on the orange peel are difficult to wash off with water. If you use such orange peel to make tea, it is harmful to your health.

taboo 6: it is not suitable to eat with milk

the protein in milk is easy to react with the fruit acid and vitamin C in oranges and solidify into blocks, which not only affects digestion and absorption, but also causes abdominal distension, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms. Therefore, one hour before and after eating oranges should not drink milk.

health tips

people with poor gastrointestinal function, eat too many oranges, prone to gastric fecal stones. Oranges contain more calories. If we eat too much at a time, we will & lt; Get angry;, So as to promote stomatitis, periodontitis and other diseases. Eating more citrus fruits can cause & lt; Orange neck, skin yellowing and other symptoms.

how to choose oranges

1, oranges are not the smoother the better, imported oranges tend to have more holes in the skin and are relatively rough, but after & lt; Beauty & quot; After the orange, is very smooth, almost no holes.

2, before buying, you can use white napkin, preferably wet paper towel to wipe on the surface of the fruit, if on the pigment, generally will leave color on the napkin.

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