What are the tips for peeling potatoes

What’s the trick to peel potatoes

many people like to eat potato salad, but it’s troublesome to peel potatoes. Usually we peel potatoes with a scalpel, which is time-consuming and boring. Here’s a quick and interesting way to peel potatoes.

after the potatoes are washed, use a knife to make a circle around the potatoes in the middle of the potatoes. Pay attention not to scratch the meat of the potatoes too hard. Just scratch the skin of the potatoes.

next, put the potatoes into the pot, boil them in hot water for a period of time, and soak them in cold water for a while. Then you can see that the skin in the middle of the potatoes is broken. At this time, just a pinch, the skin will fall off.

if you feel that the potatoes are not fully cooked, you can put the potatoes in hot water and continue to cook until they are cooked.

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