What are the top ten Qi and blood tonifying foods?

at present, most people have anemia, especially in women and children. Generally, the physiological performance of women losing blood during the physiological period is that they need blood tonifying during pregnancy, during childbirth, and during lactation, Blood will make the body more healthy, so in the blood when you need to eat what vegetables cry has the effect of blood?


has the effect of invigorating blood and promoting blood circulation. Danggui Buxue Decoction (Danggui body, Huangqi) or Danggui combined with Caulis Spatholobi can be used to treat female anemia; Danggui Shaoyao Powder and Siwu Decoction plus Ejiao can also be used; Experts suggest that with angelica, Codonopsis, donkey hide gelatin (ejiaohua) boiling juice to take Ziheche powder, it has a certain curative effect on women’s blood and Qi.

donkey hide gelatin

made from donkey skin can significantly increase the amount of hemoglobin, red and white blood cells; In animal experiments, it is considered that the effect of tonifying blood is better than that of iron.


dangshen extract, powder, decoction can significantly increase the amount of hemoglobin and red blood cells, with Buxue Decoction (dangshen, jixueteng, Danggui, Baishao, Shudi) can treat all types of anemia.

pilose antler

with 20% pilose antler wine, 10 ml each time, three times a day, is effective for anemia, aplastic anemia, thrombocytopenia and other symptoms of spleen kidney yang deficiency type; It can also be combined with ginseng to form Shenrong pill for the treatment of senile Yang deficiency anemia.

black chicken

black chicken can be said to be the best food for women to replenish blood and Qi. It can not only replenish deficiency and strengthen the body, but also cure all diseases of deficiency and senility. It can also cure thirst, silent dysentery, chest and flank wrist and abdomen colic, benefit puerpera, but also cure postpartum weakness and collapse.

Caulis Spatholobi

contains iron which is easy to absorb and has high bioavailability. Use 100 ~ 200g egg yolk alone, stew daily; Or Zaizhang prescription (Caulis Spatholobi, Radix Polygoni Multiflori, radix rehmanniae, Cortex Moutan, wuzhaolong, DILIN, Poria cocos, Atractylodes macrocephala, Angelica sinensis, donkey hide gelatin) is effective in the treatment of aplastic anemia (former Zhongshan Medical College prescription)


ginseng extract can increase the amount of hemoglobin, red and white blood cells, and reduce the damage of radiation to the hematopoietic system. Anemia patients and radiation workers should take 1g ginseng every other day, and stop taking ginseng if they have insomnia or elevated blood pressure.

Lycium barbarum

can enhance hematopoietic function and reduce the damage of immunosuppressant to hematopoietic system; Radiation workers can often eat stewed chicken with wolfberry; For anemia with insufficient blood essence, Qiju Dihuang pills can be taken.

above is tonic blood gas medicine, but need to pay attention to is to have a number to think mood can enhance our body’s immunity, in the case of anemia to timely supplement, so as to be conducive to our health, we can eat more eggs, fish, shrimp, bean products, black sesame, red dates and so on are good.

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