What are the tricks of salt in life?

what are the tricks of salt in life?

there are many kinds of salt. We are talking about the common household edible salt, which is not only the seasoning saint, but also has other functions in life, Let’s know what functions it has through examples ~

1. Ripening effect, for example: Xiantao

. It takes some time for Xiantao to wait until its flesh is naturally soft. Salt can also accelerate ripening. Dig a hole in the base of Xiantao & rarr; Fill it with salt & rarr; Put it in a container & rarr; Wrap it with plastic wrap, and the pulp will soften after a few days. Salt is not an ordinary seasoning, but also has rich functions! If the peel has 3-4 cracks, you can eat it. If it’s soft, you can get its most delicious flavor. The flesh is slightly salty, sweet and salty. But there is a drawback, pedicel around the head will become hard, when eating need to give up. Salt is not an ordinary seasoning. It has rich functions!

2. Isolate air, for example: apple, pear

apple, pear all open, contact with air due to oxidation into brown. Therefore, we apply some salt water on the cut surface of the fruit, which can achieve the effect of blocking the air, and the cut surface of the fruit still retains its primary color.

3. Improve the sweetness: for example, put some salt on some fruits, such as watermelon, guava, carambola, pineapple and so on. Put some salt on some fruits to achieve the balance of potassium and sodium and bring out the sweetness. But just a little bit is better than too much.

4, add flavor: for example: roast meat

before barbecue or grilled fish, put some salt on the meat, the roasted meat has unique flavor. Salt is not an ordinary seasoning. It has rich functions!

5 5. Shorten the frying time, for example: dry frying peanut with salt

dry frying peanut with the average heat transfer of salt, and adding salt can shorten the frying time. How to fry

( 1) Open a small fire, first put salt and then peanuts, constantly stir fry, stir fry in the process can hear the sound of PA PA( 2) Wait until: there is no sound, peanuts fall on the edge of the sound of light crisp (3) is almost, turn off the fire and then stir fry to complete.

6, remove bitterness, for example: make coffee

coffee too long will have bitterness, at this time add some salt can remove the bitterness in coffee.

7, cleaning function, for example: wash large intestine

marinated large intestine is very delicious, added to the noodle line is a perfect match. For the large intestine bought from the market, use salt to wash the mucus of the intestines by hand continuously. After several times of washing, use hot water and some wine to scald it. Then you can make the action of bittern. Salt is not an ordinary seasoning. It has rich functions!

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