What are the types of seafood

people say that people living in coastal areas depend on mountains and water. For people in coastal areas, their money is given by the sea, and all kinds of seafood in the sea are their treasures. Moreover, there are many different kinds of seafood. They are not only nutritious but also expensive. However, for people in the mainland, they know less about the kinds of seafood than the price. Here we will make an understanding of the kinds of seafood.

1. Fish (fresh)

large yellow croaker, yapian fish, Xiaozui fish, Duobao fish, haihei fish, sir fish, Miss fish, eel, sea catfish, Hailu fish, Aplysia, boss fish, cobbler fish, starfish, American red, elephant clam, live abalone, live abalone, live sea cucumber, live sea sausage, live turtle.

. fish (chilled)

salmon, big eel, big rouge, salmon, small mouth fish, stick fish, boss fish, yellow croaker, anglerfish, fish, gill fish, sea fish, octopus, sardines, red headed fish, big headed fish, Changyu, pointed fish, sardine, sir fish, noodles fish, black fish, throwing fish, barracuda, carp, crucian carp, Red swordfish, river swordfish mixed fish, sweet scented fish, big head treasure, nine rabbit fish, fat head fish, dish fish head, tuna, eight hairtail, island fish, Tongle fish, eight claw fish, mullet.

3. Shellfish (fresh)

xiayibei, hongliluo, hongfanbao, Tamarix, conch, Xiaohaizi, Korean conch, wubaoluo, bird shell, navel conch, swan egg, mango shell, Baiyun shell, butterfly shell, baihuabei, Miss shell, Hupei, Hongbei, longan shell, glass shell, maoxianzi, macula, oyster shell, chibei, Beibei Such as babang, Haihong, maohaihong, Tamarix chinensis, Tamarix bicolor, small seafood, xiaorenxian, horseshoe shell, black ox’s eye, clam belt, chizi.

small conch, fragrant conch, fragrant conch, spicy conch, sharp conch, pianding conch, Aplysia, flower conch, steel conch, green mussel, white clam, shredded conch, snail conch, fresh laver, Gracilaria lemaneiformis, lujiaocai, seaweed, kelp slice, sea fungus, kelp buckle.

4. Shrimps

: lobster, baby lobster, Jiwei shrimp, skin shrimp, green shrimp, Macrobrachium, Lugu shrimp, bamboo shrimp, peach shrimp, river shrimp, red shrimp.

5. Meat (chilled)

shellfish, clam, oyster, scallop, shaxianrou, eel, Haichang, hairy clam, youyuxu, xianyuza, xianyudu, qingyuzi, daoyuzi, shayunao, zhedou, fresh jellyfish, shayudu, sir fish, Tamarix, Kungfu dishes.

6. Chilled (Shuifa)

Shuifa Shen, shrimp, seal whip, fish tendon, fish intestines, fish white, fish belly, Shayu skin, Lingyu skin, Shayu throat, silkworm chrysalis, male silkworm goose, crab roe, red roe, stewed roe.

these are all kinds of seafood. You can find that the kinds of seafood are just one of them. There are many that have not been introduced to you. It can be said that the sea is a treasure house, and there are many kinds of seafood that we have not found so far. The seafood mentioned above are high-yield or often eaten. Please pay attention to this.

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