What are the ultra-low calorie foods?

nowadays, more and more people begin to understand and follow scientific methods to lose weight. We all know that if you want to eat cool but not fat, you should eat low calorie food. Low calorie food is undoubtedly the best choice to lose weight, not only effectively reduce the intake of fat, but also let you eat well. So what are the low calorie foods? The following small make up with you to explore the mystery of food, to introduce you to some magic fat reducing food.


research report shows that: in the low calorie diet, women who eat fried egg jelly toast for breakfast every day lose twice as much weight as women who eat the same amount of carrots. Protein makes people feel full, so it’s not easy to feel hungry in the next time and eat less. Chinese wolfberry

2 and Chinese wolfberry

contain 18 kinds of proteins, which are amazing protein sources. And it’s rich β- Carotene, a spoonful of wolfberry is only 35 calories.

3, yogurt

original acid contains milk sugar, protein, fat, can stabilize blood sugar content, so it is very hungry. Research shows that people who are on a low calorie diet, if yogurt is included in the diet, lose 61% more body fat than people who don’t have yogurt in the same kind of diet, and lose 81% more fat in the treatment of abdominal epilepsy.

4 and cereals

are the most satiety foods. Different from other carbohydrates, even fast maturing cereals are absorbed slowly, so the effect on blood glucose is very small. Instead of crumbs, sprinkle oatmeal on the meat roll. But of course, the most recommended is oatmeal porridge. You can add any food you like to the porridge.

above is about the introduction of low calorie food, in addition to the key to choose low calorie food, its cooking method is also very key, the same kind of food, different cooking methods have a great influence on the heat. Generally speaking, the way of boiling is much lower than frying, so we should choose the best way to avoid fat accumulation.

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