What are the uses of expired pure milk?

many people buy milk, but they throw it away after the shelf life. In fact, there are many uses of expired milk. It’s a waste to throw it away. We all know that milk has a good whitening and moisturizing effect, expired milk can be used for beauty, because expired milk will produce lactic acid, which can soften the cutin. So what are the unexpected benefits of milk? Now let me tell you.

expired milk has magical effect

removing oil stains

after washing dishes, especially after repairing cars, our hands will be covered with oil stains or dust, which is not only dirty, but also difficult to clean. We can use oats and milk to make a paste to wipe our hands. In this way, we can not only remove the dirt, but also moisten our hands, making them more soft and delicate.

repair cracks

we will have a lot of porcelain at home, such as ceramic cups or vases. If it is used for a long time or improperly, cracks will appear on the porcelain. In this case, it’s a pity to throw it away. If you don’t throw it away, it will affect the appearance.


silverware or silver necklaces at home will oxidize and produce rust spots or stains when exposed to the air for a long time. We use expired milk, preferably sour milk, or add some vinegar to the milk to soak the silverware. The silverware soaked in milk can be cleaned with clean water. You will be surprised to find that the rust and stains on the surface of the silverware are gone.

care leather

friends who have fur coats or leather shoes at home must have such troubles. These leather products are not easy to maintain. We can scrub the leather with a cloth soaked in milk to make it look brand new. If you want to deeply treat leather products, you can air dry them thoroughly after applying milk, and then polish them. Milk can close the cracks and abrasions of leather, making these leather products look as bright as new.

above is the magic of expired milk. As long as you have a pair of eyes that are good at discovering, many things can turn waste into treasure. As the saying goes, garbage is a resource in the wrong place. Now that you understand the benefits of expired milk, when you encounter expired milk in the future, don’t throw it away as garbage. Whether it’s derusting and decontamination, or whitening and beautifying, it will be of great help.

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