What are the vegetables for detoxification and detoxification

recently, many people do not pay attention to physical care, resulting in the emergence of a lot of toxins in our bodies, which may have a great impact on us. Many people do not have a clear understanding, and only when the toxins accumulate to a certain stage, can some diseases appear, For our own will produce great harm, you can eat more detoxification vegetables, the effect is very good, let’s learn about detoxification vegetables.

1) honey: sweet in taste and flat in nature. It has been a good product for nourishing and strengthening the body, detoxifying and nourishing the face since ancient times. Efficacy: it has significant effect on moistening lung, relieving cough, moistening smooth stool, detoxifying and nourishing face, and is easy to be absorbed and utilized by human body. Suitable for symptoms: prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease and neurasthenia are good.

2) carrot: sweet taste, good nature, blood detoxification, spleen and stomach effective detoxification food. Efficacy: combined with mercury ion in the body, it can effectively reduce the concentration of mercury ion in the blood and accelerate the elimination of mercury ion in the body. White radish, red radish and small radish also have the above effects. Suitable for symptoms: used in cosmetics with excessive lead and mercury or skin problems such as chloasma and butterfly spot caused by lead and mercury in diet. (

3) kelp: salty in taste and cold in nature. It is an ideal detoxification food for resolving phlegm, anti inflammation, relieving asthma, detoxification and defecation. Efficacy: after the iodine in kelp is absorbed by human body, it can promote the elimination of harmful substances, pathological changes and inflammatory exudates. At the same time, kelp contains a kind of sulfated polysaccharide, which can absorb cholesterol in blood vessels and discharge it out of the body. Suitable symptoms: goiter and iodine deficiency, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, drug poisoning, edema. (

4) Auricularia auricula: sweet in taste and flat in nature, it is the best food for detoxification, stomach elimination, bowel cleansing and blood hemostasis. Efficacy: Auricularia contains a kind of plant gum, which has strong adsorption capacity. It can absorb the dust and impurities left in the human digestive system, and then discharge them from the body. Suitable for symptoms: people working in dust environment should eat more.

we can choose vegetables that are suitable for our own consumption through the complete collection of vegetables for detoxification and detoxification, which can help us achieve the purpose of detoxification and detoxification without spending unnecessary fortresses. It can help us achieve the effect of detoxification and detoxification while appreciating the delicious food. This is a very good choice.

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