What are the ways to relieve alcohol?

in the process of people’s communication, it is inevitable that people need to drink to each other. When wine meets a confidant, they may drink freely, which is very common when they drink too much; Some people need to drown their worries because they are in a bad mood. Because they will worry more, they will get drunk as soon as they drink. Drunk, people will be very uncomfortable, and even affect the next day’s situation. So, is there any way to sober up?

1. Milk sobering method: the drunk can drink some milk, so as to coagulate the protein, protect the gastric mucosa and reduce the absorption of alcohol. 222 333 000 1112. Bean curd: when drinking too much, adding a bean curd as a dish can promote the rapid discharge of alcohol in the body.

3. Preserved egg sobering method: when drunk, take 1-2 preserved eggs and dip them in vinegar to sober up.

4. Egg white sobering method: when drunk, take 1-2 raw egg white to protect gastric mucosa and reduce the absorption of alcohol.

5. The method of sobering up: after getting drunk, take a few fresh fruits, peel and eat, you can sober up.

6. Rice soup sobering method: drunk can take strong rice soup drink, rice soup contains polysaccharides and B vitamins, has the effect of detoxification sobering, add sugar to drink, the curative effect is better.

7. Mung bean sobering method: take 50 grams of mung bean, 10 grams of licorice, add an appropriate amount of brown sugar, can sober up, such as single mung bean soup, also has a certain effect.

8. Tea sobering method: drink strong tea after getting drunk. Tannic acid in tea can relieve acute alcoholism. Caffeine and theophylline have curative effect on respiratory depression and lethargy.

9. Salt solution: drink too much, chest and abdomen uncomfortable, can be in boiled water with a little salt to drink.

10. Vinegar sobering method: take 50 grams of rice vinegar or mature vinegar, add 25 grams of brown sugar, and take 3 pieces of ginger decoction, which can reduce the damage of alcohol to human body.

there are many ways to sober up. Xiaobian just lists ten most common ways for you. The ingredients in these ways are very easy to find, so they are very suitable for people to use when they drink too much. Of course, regular drinking, alcohol will cause certain harm to the body, so the best way is to drink less or not to drink, reduce alcohol harm to the body.

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