What are the ways to remove fishy smell?

many people like to eat fish and know that fish has fishy smell. If the fishy smell is not removed, they will not have much appetite. Therefore, in order to make fish delicious, we need to pay attention to the problem of removing fishy smell. In fact, there are many ways to remove the fishy smell, and they are all very simple. As long as you pay a little attention when cooking, the fishy smell of this dish will completely disappear. The following methods, you see:

first, when killing fish, pay attention to remove the black film in the belly of the fish, the fishy smell is very heavy.

second, before killing fish, you can also put the fish in the brine to soak, so as to wash away part of the fishy smell.

third, when cooking fish, put a little ginger to remove the fishy smell. This method is very common, but when putting ginger, it’s better not to put it at the beginning, and then put it when the fish is slightly heated.

fourth, when cooking fish, you can also add cooking wine, or red wine, beer, etc., which can also reduce the fishy smell and increase the flavor of fish.

the fifth is to put some flour or starch when frying fish, which can also absorb part of the fishy smell.

above is the way to remove fishy smell that Xiaobian told you. After reading it, you can remember the details. Is it very simple? As long as you can use it when you make fish, the explanation of Xiaobian will not be in vain. There are many tricks in life. As long as we are good at discovering and summarizing, our life will be better.

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