What are your bad eating habits?

What are your bad eating habits?

what are your bad eating habits?

1, insufficient vegetables

domestic survey shows that 95.3% of people eat less than five kinds of vegetables every day, the intake and types are far from enough, and some people think that fruits can replace vegetables. In fact, most vegetables contain more vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber than fruits. Their rich plant crude fiber can stimulate intestinal peristalsis, help digestion and prevent cancer. Suggestion: 500 grams of vegetables should be eaten every day, including roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, fungi and algae.

2, using wrong aluminum products

aluminum can damage the function of memory cells, affect children’s intellectual development, and increase the risk of cognitive impairment in the elderly. Note: when using aluminum products, we must pay attention not to use aluminum products to pack leftovers and acidic food, such as vinegar, tomatoes, etc., and not to use steel balls and other hard objects to wipe the aluminum pot, which will damage the oxide film on the aluminum products and accelerate the release of aluminum ions.


& lt; If you don’t wash your cup when you drink tea, the king of hell will rush you to death; This proverb may be exaggerated, but it reminds us that we must not ignore the black and blue dirt on the teacup. If long-term contact with theophylline in tea stains, it will lead to residual aromatic substances, thus affecting liver and kidney function and even hematopoietic system. Suggestion: after drinking tea, be sure to clean the cup in time. It’s better to use glass. Toothpaste or salt water can be used when cleaning.

4, total body water shortage

research shows that nearly two-thirds of people drink less than 1200 ml of water per day recommended by nutrition experts, resulting in collective & lt; Lack of water;. And replenishing water can improve the cognitive function of the brain, respond more quickly and have more spirit. Suggestions: after getting up in the morning, before going to bed at night, before leaving the office after work, after eating salty food, half an hour after dinner, after taking a bath, when constipation, fever, irritability and half an hour after turning on the air conditioner are the top ten times to drink water.

5, often eat pickled, smoked barbecue

a survey shows that eating too much (more than 40 grams per day) smoked, pickled and other processed meat can shorten people’s life span. These meat contains a lot of cholesterol and saturated fat, easy to block blood vessels, cause coronary heart disease, and carcinogen nitrite content is high. Suggestion: the daily intake of processed meat products should be limited to 28 grams. Stewed meat should be the first choice for eating meat, followed by rinsed meat and steamed meat. White meat such as poultry and fish has lower fat content than red meat such as pork and beef.

6, long-term overeating

research found that if the elderly consume more energy than they need in daily life, their risk of suffering from memory problems will double, and other brain functions may also be affected. Because after satiety, gastrointestinal circulation blood volume increases, will lead to the brain blood supply is relatively insufficient, disrupted the normal physiological metabolism of brain cells. Suggestion: insist on eating only seven or eight full, that is, the stomach is not full, but the enthusiasm for food has declined.

7, often eat salty food

, heavy taste, excessive sodium intake, easy to cause hypertension, edema and other problems. In addition to less salt when cooking, we should also be on guard against excessive sodium in some processed foods, such as canned food. Rana middot, former president of American Society of aesthetic surgery; Hirsch pointed out that in order to keep fresh, preserve and extend the shelf life of canned foods, a lot of sodium will be added.

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