What can electric cooker do?

we all know that electric cooker can be used to cook porridge, but some people are not only used to cook porridge, do you know that electric cooker can cook, this is true, and if done well, the cooked dishes are no less than those made by frying pan, oily but not greasy, and the color is also very good. Well, do you know what kind of dishes electric cooker can make? I’ve made a summary for you. Let’s have a detailed understanding. Raw materials: taro, spareribs, pepper, salt, tangerine peel, pepper.

preparation: clean the chopped spareribs, peel and wash taro, cut into pieces, cut ginger into pieces, and cut scallion into sections.

steps: 1. Put the spareribs into the electric rice cooker, add water until the bones are just submerged, put the pepper, ginger, scallion and so on into the pot, add a little salt, and heat with electricity. 2. After half an hour, pour in the taro, add salt and simmer for 5-10 minutes. 3. Put pepper in the pan and mix well.

Cola Chicken Wings

material: several wings, cola, soy sauce amount.

steps: 1. Wash the chicken wings, pour a little oil into the electric rice cooker, and when it is hot, pour the chicken wings into the pot and fiddle with them a few times; 2. Then pour in coke and soy sauce and submerge the chicken wings. The amount of coke is more than that of soy sauce, otherwise it will be too salty. The specific proportion depends on each person’s taste; 3. Close the lid for about 30 minutes. When the soup inside becomes sticky, it’s OK. At this time, the chicken wings are delicious. You can have a try.

braised three cups of chicken:

ingredients: a small Rooster (size according to demand), appropriate amount of ginger, rice wine (preferably Jiujiang double steamed in Guangdong), soy sauce, peanut oil.

practice: after cleaning the chicken, put the chicken feet into the abdomen, ginger slices into the stomach, put into a cup of rice cooker, soy sauce, rice wine, peanut oil (1:1:1, each about 2 / 3 of an ordinary disposable paper cup) into, remember that three materials are indispensable, in addition, do not need! Turn the rice cooker to the “cook” position for about 10 minutes (longer than 15 minutes if larger), turn the chicken over. After another 10 minutes can be out of the pot, wait for a little cold, tear up the right amount, stir in the juice can enjoy!

don’t underestimate this electric cooker. You must make full use of it. An electric cooker can bring many uses to people. Porridge cooking is a function, and cooking is another function. Don’t miss such a good opportunity. You can use the electric cooker to cook. I believe everyone will love this way of cooking.

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