What can you eat in early spring?

What can you eat in early spring?

what can you eat in early spring?

the cold winter is far away from us. How can we spend Spring safely? According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, tonic food is like tonic medicine, which is a good choice for health preservation. What do you eat in early spring? Some experts point out that when it comes to eating, it’s the best time to raise soybean sprouts; Eat first in early spring;.

the first choice for early spring is soybean sprouts. The content of trace elements in soybean sprout is better than that in mung bean sprout and other sprout vegetables, which is the first dish in early spring. Through the seed germination, it produces rich vitamins, so sprout vegetables are called & lt; Living vegetables;, Soybean sprouts and mung bean sprouts, as well as buckwheat malt and black bean sprouts, can bring rich nutrition to the dining table, which can meet the nutritional needs of children, the elderly and the whole family.

soya bean sprouts ranked the top & lt; Living vegetables & quot; Top of the list. In ancient books, soybean sprouts ranked first in longevity food, while mung bean sprouts ranked sixth. In compendium of Materia Medica, Li Shizhen described that only this bean sprout is white and beautiful. It can clean the heart and nourish the body after eating; Detoxify alcohol, heat and triple energizer; It’s a great achievement.

traditional Chinese medicine believes that soybean sprouts have the effects of Tonifying Qi and blood, clearing heat and improving eyesight, preventing gingival bleeding, cardiovascular sclerosis and low cholesterol. Spring is the season of vitamin B2 deficiency. Eating more soybean sprouts in spring can effectively prevent and treat vitamin B2 deficiency. Vitamin E contained in bean sprouts can protect skin and capillaries, prevent arteriosclerosis, and prevent hypertension in the elderly.

in addition, because soybean sprouts contain vitamin C, it is a beauty food. Often eat soybean sprouts can nourish hair, so that hair to keep black and bright, face freckles have a good desalination effect. Eating soybean sprouts is good for the growth and development of teenagers and the prevention of anemia. Often eat soybean sprouts have brain, anti fatigue, anti-cancer effect. During the germination of soybeans, the substances in soybeans that make people flatulent are decomposed. Some nutrients are also more easily absorbed by the human body. In recent years, it has been found that there is a nitrophosphatase in soybean sprouts, which can reduce seizures.

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