What can you eat to remove halitosis

What to eat can get rid of halitosis

what to eat can get rid of halitosis

1, Lentinus edodes

Lentinus edodes has not only become a popular food to enhance resistance in recent years, but also found that it is helpful to protect teeth since 2000. The reason is that lentinan contained in Lentinus edodes can inhibit bacteria in the mouth and reduce dental plaque.


lotus root is slightly sweet and crisp, rich in nutrition, contains a lot of vitamin C and food fiber, ripe lotus root is sweet and warm, beneficial to the spleen and stomach, and has the effects of nourishing stomach, nourishing Yin, benefiting blood, and stopping diarrhea. It is suitable for eliminating stomach heat and halitosis.

3, mint

mint leaves contain monotienes, which can reach the lungs through blood circulation and refresh the breath. After eating big fish and meat, drink a cup of mint tea without sugar, you can get rid of the greasiness and relieve the feeling of fullness. If you are worried about the smell of onion and garlic and dare not talk, it is suggested to chew 2-3 pieces of fresh mint leaves to help remove the odor.

4, celery

celery can help eliminate the odor in the mouth, especially the smoke. For better results, celery can be chewed in your mouth or drunk in water. In recent years, studies have found that seaweed kelp contains highly effective odor eliminating substances, and its odor eliminating effect is three times as much as that of existing halitosis inhibitor flavonoids.

6, yogurt

research shows that drinking yogurt every day can reduce the content of hydrogen sulfide in the mouth, because this substance is the main cause of bad breath. Drinking yogurt properly can also prevent the production of harmful bacteria in the mouth, reduce the risk of suffering from gum disease or dental plaque.

7, green tea

, green tea contains a lot of fluorine and apatite in teeth, which has the effect of anti acid and anti caries; Catechins can reduce the number of Streptococcus mutans that cause tooth decay, and also remove bad breath. You can drink 2-5 cups of green tea a day according to your personal preference.

8, mustard

taste Japanese sashimi or sushi, all with mustard, the main purpose is sterilization. In addition to eating with sashimi, you can also mix a small spoonful of mustard with a little soy sauce, which can neutralize the fishy smell of seafood.

9, fruits with a lot of vitamin C

, berries, oranges, watermelons and other foods with a lot of vitamin C can make the oral cavity form an environment that is not conducive to the growth of bacteria. Regular intake of vitamin C is also very useful for the health of the gums. However, it should be noted that vitamin C should be taken from natural foods, not from food additives, which may cause digestive disorders.

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