What can you eat to whiten your teeth

every day when you brush your teeth, you will encounter a problem, that is, you will find that your teeth are not clean enough. If the teeth are not clean enough, it will give people a feeling of uncleanness. When you communicate with others, a white tooth is always better than a yellowing tooth. And the whiteness of the teeth will also give the overall image bonus. Especially for office workers who need to go out for business. When talking with customers, a mouthful of white teeth will also give customers a good impression. Of course, if you want to clean your teeth, it’s not enough to brush them every day. In fact, you can help whiten your teeth by eating some food. Some of the foods we usually eat have the effect of whitening teeth. Today I’d like to share with you what we can eat to whiten teeth.

what can you eat to whiten your teeth

celery: celery is rich in fiber and has texture when chewing, which can help you sweep away part of the food residue on your teeth. In addition, the harder you chew, the more you can stimulate the secretion of saliva, balance the acid base value in your mouth, and achieve natural antibacterial effect.

guava / banana: one hour after a meal, you can eat a banana or guava. Tropical fruits contain high vitamin C, which can maintain gingival health. If it is seriously lacking, the gums will become fragile and prone to diseases, such as gum swelling, bleeding, tooth loosening or shedding.

cheese: before meals or when you are hungry, you can eat a small piece of cheese. The calcium and phosphate contained in the cheese can balance the pH value in the mouth, so as to prevent the oral cavity from being in an acidic environment conducive to bacterial activities and causing tooth decay; Regular consumption can increase the calcium on the tooth surface, help strengthen and rebuild the enamel, and make the teeth stronger.

sugar free gum: after getting up in the morning, you can eat a sugar free gum, which can increase saliva secretion, neutralize acid in the mouth, and further prevent tooth decay.

Mint: usually you can eat a few Mint sweets or make mint tea to drink. Mint leaves contain monotienes, which can reach the lungs through blood circulation, and feel fresh when breathing.

above is to introduce what you can eat whitening teeth. We can eat more such food in the future. Of course, we should brush our teeth on time twice a day to keep the teeth clean.

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