What can’t bananas be eaten with? The dietary taboo of banana is

What can’t bananas be eaten with? What can’t bananas be eaten with?

1, yoghurt

bananas can not be eaten with yoghurt, with eating easily carcinogens.

2, milk

bananas can not be eaten with milk, eating with milk will lead to poisoning.

3, taro

banana can not be eaten with taro, eating with taro will lead to abdominal distention.

4, potato

, banana can’t be eaten with potato. If they are eaten together, old people will have age spots, young people will have color spots and butterfly spots.

5, beef

bananas can not be eaten with beef, eating will be stomach colic.

banana diet taboo

1, stomachache, diarrhea should eat less, too much acid had better not eat

, eating more bananas will cause gastrointestinal function disorder and mood swings due to reduced gastric acid secretion.

2, constitution cold, eat less or do not eat

precisely because of banana cold, constitution partial to deficiency cold, it is best to eat less or do not eat, such as chills (weak mouth, stomach distension), deficiency cold (diarrhea, dizziness), nephritis (also belongs to deficiency cold) and so on. Pregnant swollen feet, in the postpartum period had better not eat bananas raw. Unless banana meat after cooking, cold decline after eating. If have cold cough, should not eat raw banana, but can eat steamed banana.

3, should not eat too much

banana contains more magnesium, potassium and other elements, although these mineral elements are necessary for human health, but in a short period of time, excessive intake will cause a sharp increase in blood magnesium, potassium content, resulting in the imbalance of potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other elements in the body, causing harm to the body.

4, should not eat on an empty stomach

banana has more magnesium, magnesium is a sensitive element affecting heart function, has inhibitory effect on cardiovascular, fasting banana will make the body’s magnesium suddenly increased, and damage the balance of magnesium and calcium in human blood, is not conducive to health.

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