What can’t Huangmei eat?

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What can’t Huangmei eat?

what can’t Huangmei eat in the weather?

in Meiyu season, the weather is humid and sultry. Many people have symptoms such as irregular stool, anorexia and sleepiness, which are the manifestations of spleen deficiency and excessive dampness. At this time, a large number of cool melons and fruits come into the market and become people’s favorite. Huangmei should eat less watermelon, cucumber and cantaloupe; Humidity retention & quot; In order to avoid injury to the spleen yang, leading to water dampness, aggravating discomfort.

Huangmei has heavy air and humidity. People are prone to anorexia, drowsiness and other symptoms. Especially for patients with spleen deficiency, the symptoms of digestive system will be aggravated, such as anorexia, Qi deficiency and heavy limbs. According to the doctor’s analysis, the spleen dominates the transportation and transformation. Once the body is hot and humid, it will affect the transportation and transformation function and cause digestion and absorption disorder. At this time, we should pay attention to strengthening the spleen and removing dampness.

and watermelon, melon, pear and cucumber are in the wet fruit, easy to cause moisture accumulation in the body, aggravating the symptoms of damp heat. Experts suggest that patients with spleen deficiency should eat more easily absorbed and digested food, eat more wax gourd and balsam pear, wax gourd can drain and dehumidify, balsam pear can nourish spleen and appetizer.

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