What can’t hyperglycemia patients eat?

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high blood sugar patients can not eat what

1, rich in saturated fatty acids lard, butter, butter, less use, had better not. Vegetable oil can be used to replace some animal oil. Peanut, walnut, sesame and melon seeds also contain a lot of fat. Try not to eat or eat less or reduce oil intake. Egg yolk and animal viscera, such as liver, brain and waist, contain high cholesterol and should be used less or not.

2. Prohibited foods are: white sugar, brown sugar, glucose and sugar sweeteners, such as candy, cakes, jam, preserves, ice cream, sweet drinks, etc. In addition, potatoes, yams, taros, lotus roots, garlic sprouts, carrots and so on, which contain more carbohydrates, should be used less or consumed less.

3. For diabetic patients with renal insufficiency, in addition to controlling total calories, attention should be paid to salt intake, salt free or sodium and protein intake, protein supply should not be too high, and diet products should be avoided. For uremic patients, low protein diet should be made, and protein should be around 30 grams per day. The first choice for protein supply is high-quality protein, such as milk, eggs, lean meat, etc.

4. Fruit contains glucose and fructose, which can increase blood glucose. Therefore, when blood and urine glucose control is relatively stable, fasting blood glucose & lt; 8 mmol / L or 2 hours postprandial blood glucose & lt; 10 mmol / L, can be eaten before two meals or sleep, but also to reduce the corresponding staple food.

5, avoid sweet food, fried food and melon seeds, peanuts, animal viscera and wine.

, do you eat egg high energy egg?

high blood sugar may not be diabetes, but if blood sugar is high for a long time, it is very dangerous, but high blood sugar can eat eggs.

eggs contain protein, which can maintain the balance of potassium and sodium. Eliminate edema. Strengthen immunity. Low blood pressure, buffer anemia, conducive to growth and development. Rich in cholesterol, maintain the stability of cells, increase the flexibility of vascular wall. Maintain normal sexual function, increase immunity. It is rich in copper. Copper is an indispensable micronutrient for human health. It has an important impact on the development and function of blood, central nervous system, immune system, hair, skin and bone tissues, brain, liver, heart and other viscera. So patients with high blood sugar can eat.

daily drinking honey will be high blood sugar

high blood sugar is an important feature of high blood sugar, but high blood sugar can not be suffering from diabetes, drinking honey will not cause blood sugar rise. Generally speaking, healthy people drink honey will not cause blood sugar rise, but also pay attention to the right amount, it is best not to drink every day.

for diabetics, there is no hyperglycemia in general and honey water. We all have normal metabolic function, but if the patients with high blood sugar can not drink, blood sugar is normal, drinking honey water does have the effect of beauty and defecation. But if it’s propolis, diabetics can eat it. Because propolis is not so much sugar. And also has a certain health hypoglycemic effect. If you have diabetes in your family, you can eat a little health care product that helps reduce blood sugar. Propolis is one of the health products. There are ingredients that can lower blood sugar.

honey water can’t be drunk, but propolis can be eaten. Although it’s the same thing. But the difference is very big after all. In addition to propolis, we can eat it with our normal diet. There are many things to reduce blood sugar in life, so long as we can use any food for diabetes, it is reasonable. So, it’s not impossible to reduce blood sugar quickly.

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