What can’t persimmon be eaten with?

what can’t persimmon be eaten with?

the main foods that can’t be eaten with persimmon are sweet potato, pickled cabbage, goose, crab, kelp, octopus, alcohol, etc.

1, persimmon and acid dishes can not be eaten together: Both eat together, may lead to gastrolithiasis

after eating persimmon, please do not drink too much acid soup or drink too much water. Because of eating sauerkraut, a large amount of hydrochloric acid will be produced in people’s stomach, which will react with the gastric acid produced by persimmon in the stomach to produce precipitation. The precipitates will accumulate together and form insoluble caking, thus forming gastrolithiasis.

2, persimmon and sweet potato can not be eaten together: the two eat together, easy to get stomach persimmon stone, serious will cause gastric perforation, life-threatening

sweet potato contains more starch, after eating people’s stomach will produce a lot of gastric acid, if you eat some persimmon, persimmon will produce precipitation under the action of gastric acid. When the sediments are deposited together, they will form a lump insoluble in water, which is difficult to digest and discharge. People are easy to get gastric persimmon stone, and even cause gastric perforation, which is life-threatening.

3, persimmon and crab can not eat together: the two eat together, there is vomiting, abdominal distension, diarrhea and other food poisoning phenomenon

crab body is rich in protein, eat persimmon when eating crab, crab protein and persimmon in the tannic acid meet, can occur in the stomach coagulation, become indigestible absorption of the mass, abdominal pain Symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhea.

4, persimmon and goose can not be eaten together: the two eat together, serious cases will lead to death

goose is full price protein, high quality protein. When protein meets tannic acid in persimmon, it is easy to coagulate salty tannic acid protein and gather in intestines and stomach.

5, persimmon and octopus can not eat together: Both eat together, damage the stomach, easy to cause diarrhea

Octopus smell sweet, salty cold, non-toxic, its properties cold but not leak, can nourish blood and Qi. Persimmon sweet astringent cold, cold properties, so two things should not eat together, or damage the stomach, easy to diarrhea.

6, persimmon and kelp can not be eaten together: eating both together, leading to gastrointestinal discomfort

kelp rich in calcium ion and persimmon with a large amount of tannic acid can be eaten together, the calcium ion in kelp can combine with the tannic acid of persimmon to form insoluble complex, which can easily affect the digestion and absorption of some nutrients, leading to gastrointestinal discomfort.

can you eat persimmon during lactation?

speaking of persimmon, many people will drool. Persimmon is rich in delicious and nutritious pulp, which tastes very sweet and attractive. Moreover, its nutrition is much higher than that of ordinary fruits, and it is rich in sucrose, glucose, fructose, protein, etc. Can you eat persimmon during lactation?

generally speaking, you can eat persimmon during lactation, but you must have an appropriate amount. Persimmon is sweet and delicious, and has high nutritional value. Its vitamin and sugar content are 1 & mdash higher than that of common fruits; About two times. Persimmon is rich in sugar, fructose, cellulose and other carbohydrates, but also contains protein, calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients. However, the astringency of persimmon is caused by tannic acid (also known as tannic acid). Tannic acid and pectin coagulate when they meet with gastric acid, and form persimmon stone when they are glued together with epithelium, mucus and food residue, especially cellulose, which will eventually lead to persimmon stone disease. Therefore, it is not suitable to eat more.

in addition, persimmon is hot and humid, it is easy to return milk if you eat too much, and it may cause eczema for your baby, which is not good for your baby. At the same time, if you eat too much persimmon, you will be constipated, and it is not good for your mother’s health. For the sake of your baby, please ask your mother to control her diet as much as possible and have a balanced nutrition, so that your baby can eat good quality milk.

moreover, when eating persimmon reasonably, we should also pay attention to certain precautions: for example, we can’t eat persimmon on an empty stomach, we can’t eat persimmon skin, we shouldn’t eat it with high protein crab, fish, shrimp and other foods, we can’t eat enough when eating, we should gargle after eating, etc.

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