What can’t you eat during drinking traditional Chinese medicine

what can’t you eat during drinking traditional Chinese medicine

1, raw and cold: this kind of food is mostly cold and cool, and its main function is to clear away heat and quench thirst, so it is suitable for heat syndrome, but it is easy to affect the function of stomach and intestine, so people with deficiency cold constitution and patients with gastrointestinal diseases should be contraindicated.

if radish is cold, it has the effect of eliminating food, resolving phlegm and regulating qi. If patients with deficiency cold constitution and gastrointestinal diseases eat it, it will not be cold and worse gastrointestinal function. In addition, when taking ginseng and other tonic drugs at the same time, because of the antipathy, it can reduce or eliminate the effect of tonic drugs, so radish and ginseng should not be taken together.

2, Fawu: these kinds of food are the products of moving wind, generating phlegm and helping fire; Send & quot; There are also differences.

such foods include mushrooms, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, mustard, pumpkin, rooster meat, pig head meat, sow meat, etc. For example, patients with hyperactivity of liver Yang and internal movement of liver wind should be forbidden to eat cock meat and pig head meat; For patients with skin diseases such as rash, furuncle, sore and carbuncle, it is forbidden to eat mushrooms, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, cock meat, pig head meat and female pork, otherwise it will accelerate redness and pus; People with gastrointestinal diseases are not allowed to eat pumpkin, because pumpkin contains sugar, eat more will produce more acid, gastrointestinal irritation. In view of this, & lt; Send & quot; To a large extent, it can be said to promote the deterioration of the disease.

3, fishy: this kind of food is mostly salty, cold and fishy, and contains heterosexual protein, which is easy to cause allergic reaction. Eating too much can easily hurt the spleen and stomach and induce diseases, so it is not suitable to eat too much for patients with spleen and stomach diseases, especially those with allergic constitution.

, such food is yellow croaker, carp, hairtail, clam meat, shrimp, crab, etc. carp, sardine, catfish, yellow croaker, crab and yellow mud snail are the most susceptible to allergies. Fishy food is also hair.

4, spicy: this kind of food is hot and pungent, which has the effect of tonifying yang and strengthening stomach. If you eat too much, it is easy to produce phlegm and heat, disperse Qi and consume blood. Therefore, this kind of diet is only suitable for the patients with cold syndrome, but not for the patients with Yin deficiency and yang hyperactivity, blood syndrome, warm hemorrhoids and fistula, carbuncle and furuncle, etc.

such foods include onion, garlic, leek, ginger, wine, pepper, etc. For example, hot pepper is hot, if there is fever, constipation, short red urine, thirsty mouth, dry lips, sore throat, epistaxis, red tongue and other hot symptoms, it will be aggravated; Get angry & quot; Therefore, patients with heat syndrome should not eat hot pepper together.

5, greasy: this kind of food includes animal fat and fried, fried hard solid food. Greasy is harmful to the spleen and stomach, so all exogenous diseases and jaundice, diarrhea when taboo. Fried food is hard, hot and dry, difficult to digest, gastrointestinal diseases and & lt; Get angry & quot; Those who do not eat.

6, sour and astringent: , too much acid can stimulate the stomach, so patients with too much acid and gastrointestinal ulcer fast.

astringent, mostly containing tannins. For example, tea contains tannin, and the content of strong tea is higher. When taken together with Chinese herbal medicine, it can combine with some proteins, alkaloids and heavy metal salts in Chinese herbal medicine to produce precipitation, which will affect the absorption of effective components of drugs, and also affect the absorption of protein and other nutrients. Therefore, when taking Chinese herbal medicine, it is generally not suitable to take it with strong tea.

drink traditional Chinese medicine can eat fruit

after drinking traditional Chinese medicine, had better wait for a moment. Because the fruit is raw, it is not easy to digest after eating, so it will affect the absorption of traditional Chinese medicine. And because some fruits contain substances that can react with drugs, the effects of drugs are changed.

don’t eat cold fruits: pear, cinder, water chestnut, orange, lily, banana, sugarcane, persimmon, etc. In order to ensure the curative effect of traditional Chinese medicine and make it better play its therapeutic role, it is necessary to avoid some food when taking traditional Chinese medicine. Generally, we should pay attention to the following points: when taking traditional Chinese medicine, do not drink strong tea, because tea contains tannic acid, and strong tea contains more tannic acid. When taking traditional Chinese medicine together, it will affect the absorption of effective ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine and reduce the curative effect.

what vegetables can’t be eaten when drinking traditional Chinese medicine

1. It’s not suitable to eat radish when taking traditional Chinese medicine (except for taking Qi and phlegm medicine): because radish has the effect of digestion and Qi breaking, especially when taking ginseng and other nourishing traditional Chinese medicine, eating radish will reduce the effect of tonic, make it lose its tonic effect and can’t achieve the therapeutic purpose.

2. Patients with digestive tract diseases, such as hepatitis and chronic gastroenteritis, are forbidden to take garlic when taking drugs for invigorating the spleen, warming the stomach and stomach. Garlic contains allicin, which can stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosa and make the mucosa congested, so the traditional Chinese medicine can not effectively play its therapeutic role.

3. When taking traditional Chinese medicine, you should not eat pepper, especially for hot diseases. When taking Qingre Liangxue or Ziyin Jiangyan drugs, you should not eat pepper. Pepper can reduce the efficacy, make the treatment ineffective or the curative effect weakened.

4. When taking Chinese herbal decoction and pills, avoid raw, cold and greasy. Because raw and cold foods stimulate the gastrointestinal tract and affect the gastrointestinal absorption of drugs, greasy food is not easy to digest and absorb, and the mixture of greasy food and drugs can hinder the gastrointestinal absorption of effective components of drugs, thus reducing the curative effect.

5. In addition, people with acne and skin diseases should not eat salty water fish, shrimp, crab, mutton, beef and other food; Edema disease avoid salt; Hepatitis patients avoid spicy, spicy and greasy food; Avoid taking fish, shrimp and crab when taking Schizonepeta tenuifolia; Avoid taking carp in winter; Avoid taking garlic when taking Atractylodes macrocephala.

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