What can’t you eat with sweet potato?

what can’t you eat with sweet potato?

sweet potato is easy to eat and helpful to the body. Sweet potato is not suitable to eat with some things, it is easy to cause discomfort.

1, sweet potato should not be eaten with eggs. Because of the sugar in sweet potato, sugar and eggs together, can cause abdominal pain.

2, sweet potato should not be eaten with persimmon. Because the sugar of sweet potato will lead to excessive secretion of gastric acid, and the tannin and pectin in persimmon will also react and precipitate in the stomach, resulting in hard lumps. Severe cases can lead to gastric bleeding, gastric ulcer.

3, sweet potato had better not eat with banana, both easy to cause flatulence.

4, sweet potato and river crab can cause stones.

can bananas and sweet potatoes be eaten together?

bananas can’t be eaten with sweet potatoes. Eating them together will cause physical discomfort. Sweet potato is a kind of sweet potato, commonly known as sweet potato. Sweet potato has the effect of anti-cancer, reducing weight and defecating, tonifying spleen and Qi, while banana contains starch, vitamin BEC and protein, which has the effect of promoting gastrointestinal function. It’s good for your health to eat the two foods separately. Eating more of both can lead to flatulence, too much flatulence, leading to gastrointestinal obstruction, farting, diarrhea and so on.

difference between sweet potato and sweet potato

in life, some people do not know sweet potato, some people confuse sweet potato with sweet potato, in fact, the real difference is that they are different, the relationship is similar to relatives, there are similar differences. It’s helpful to know the difference between them in daily dishes.

sweet potato is also called sweet potato, sweet potato and so on. Its skin is white, yellow, pink, red and purple; There are white, yellow and purple flesh, but they are not corresponding. Red skin may be white flesh or yellow flesh. There is white milky liquid (starch) on the fracture surface, which can be eaten raw or cooked.

sweet potato contains a variety of cellulose and pectin which are not easily destroyed by digestive enzymes. It can effectively stimulate the secretion of digestive juice and gastrointestinal peristalsis, and make the stool smooth. Secondly, sweet potato is rich in sugars, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, especially lysine and beta- The contents of carotene, vitamin E and vitamin C were higher. The fat content of sweet potato is only 0.2g per 100g, which is 1 / 4 of that of rice. It is the best food with high nutrition, low calorie and low fat.

sweet potato is also called Shenshu and Jiaoban potato (some are shaped like Jiaoban). It also has different colors, such as white and red. There are many fibrous roots on the surface and silk like mucus on the fracture. It’s a bit like Huaishan (also called yam) and can’t be eaten raw. In addition, the same sweet potato, but the taste will be completely different, some sweet and crisp, some hard and tasteless; Some of them are sweet and pink; Face & quot; It’s delicious. Some are soft and mild. This has a certain relationship with different varieties, but more importantly, it is related to the soil quality of cultivation and the fertilizer applied. So it is not reliable to choose sweet potato by color alone.

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