What contains the most vitamin A?

as we know, there are many substances to maintain the operation of human body. In order to be healthy, the human body needs more than rich protein. But also need a rich amount of vitamins. At this time, vitamin A and vitamin B are needed by the body. Of course, vitamin C is also needed. Many things are rich in vitamins. What on earth contains vitamin A the most?

there are two kinds of foods rich in vitamin A: one is Pro Vitamin A, that is, various carotenes, which are found in plant foods, such as green leafy vegetables, yellow vegetables and fruits. Spinach, alfalfa, pea seedling, sweet potato, carrot, green pepper, pumpkin and so on are rich in vitamin A; The other is vitamin A from animal food, which can be directly used by human body. It mainly exists in animal liver, milk and dairy products (non skimmed milk) and eggs.

generally prevents night blindness and vision loss, and is helpful for the treatment of many eye diseases (vitamin A can promote the formation of photopigment in the eye); It has the function of anti respiratory system infection; Contribute to the normal function of immune system;

can recover early when sick; It can keep the surface of tissue or organ healthy; It is helpful to remove senile plaques; Promote development, strengthen bones, and maintain the health of skin, hair, teeth and gums;

external use is helpful for the treatment of acne, abscess, furuncle, skin surface ulcer, etc; It is helpful for the treatment of emphysema and hyperthyroidism. Vitamin A can be stored in the body without daily supplement;

the recommended daily intake of vitamin A is 1000re (or 5000iu) for adult men, while 800re (4000iu) for women. During pregnancy, the latest recommended intake is not recommended to increase, but if you are a lactating mother, you can increase 500re (or 2500iu) in the first six months and reduce it to 400 re (or 2000 IU) in the next six months.

warm reminder: in fact, vitamin A is not only aware of current affairs, but also has drugs. Many people simply think that it’s more convenient to eat drugs because they don’t want to eat food, but choose to take drugs. In fact, such words are harmful. It is easier to aggravate the burden on the kidney,

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