What do smokers eat?

smoking is harmful to everyone. However, many people just don’t pay attention to it. They think it’s just smoking and how harmful it can be. There are also many people who gradually realize that smoking is harmful. They can’t quit smoking if they want to. It’s really hard to quit smoking. Smoking can bring people a sense of pleasure. There are many kinds of harmful substances in cigarettes, which will cause great harm to the health of smokers.

cough, expectoration, sore throat and shadow in the lung are all hazards of long-term smoking. We can improve the harm of smoking through diet, so as to minimize the harm of smoking. What’s good for smokers to eat, and what’s good for them to eat more fruits? Let’s take a look:


carambola has the effect of clearing away heat, generating fluid, diuresis and detoxification. So smokers because of smoking cough or sore throat, then carambola is the best choice, also can get the best effect. Usually smokers also want to eat more, because it can reduce the harm of smoking to human body.

siraitia grosvenorii

siraitia grosvenorii is also called Lahan state, and some places are called false balsam pear. It’s best to make tea with Siraitia grosvenorii. Siraitia grosvenorii has a good effect in clearing away heat, treating cough and dry mouth. It is also a good health product for smokers.


olives also have the effects of clearing lung, detoxifying and throat. Because smoking causes sore throat, you can take green olive, so you can make throat fresh. At the same time, olives can also be fried and eaten with fresh radish.


loquat has the effect of clearing lung, curing cough and relieving thirst. After being roasted with honey, the leaves have the functions of clearing lung and reducing Qi. It is commonly used to make loquat ointment, loquat dew, loquat granule, etc. for the treatment of lung heat cough.

there are many smokers. There are hundreds of millions of smokers in China. Every year, many people’s death is related to smoking. Quit smoking as soon as possible. You can’t quit smoking. You can eat more fruits introduced above. These fruits are very common and can be bought on the market. Eating these fruits can improve the harm of smoking to human body.

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