What do you need to pay attention to?

What do you need to pay attention to?

what do you need to pay attention to when eating dry pot?

the weather is cold, dry pot is very popular with the public. Listen & lt; Ho Ho & quot; Sound, looking at the oily red dishes, the dry pot not only caters to the dependence of the tip of the tongue on spicy, but also can keep the temperature for a long time, making people appetizing.

dry pot originated in Deyang, Sichuan, and is popular in Sichuan, Hunan and other spicy areas. The main course is chicken, bullfrog and bacon. The bottom course is celery, green pepper, onion and vermicelli. It tastes spicy and delicious. Compared with hot pot, dry pot soup is relatively less, more fat, in a small fire heating, food is not easy to stick pot, but also heat preservation. However, the characteristics of continuous heating make the dry pot have many health risks.

the food is heated continuously at high temperature, and the protein and oil are easy to change.

experiment proved that egg protein began denaturation when it was over 42 ℃, and other food protein denaturation temperature was about 121 ℃, which could be denatured after half an hour. Oil after a long time of heating, which will become unsaturated fat saturated fat, eat more adverse to blood vessels. In the process of high temperature heating, oil will also produce a kind of gas called acrolein, which can stimulate the nasal and eye mucosa, making people easy to shed tears, even dizziness, nausea and anorexia. In addition, all kinds of vitamins in vegetables, especially vitamin C, will also be destroyed by high temperature. Therefore, the best time for a dry pot to burn slowly over a low heat is not more than 15 minutes. When you see the bottom dish blackening and zooming, turn off the fire immediately.

people who like to eat dry pot should pay attention to reducing fat.

when eating with other fresh vegetables, especially some dark green leafy vegetables, in order to nutrition reasonable. The auxiliary materials in the dry pot should also try to choose red pepper, white radish, kidney beans, dried bamboo shoots, soybean sprouts, garlic sprouts, onions, scallions, leeks, etc., which can play a complementary role in taste.

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