What does the person that often stays up late eat to restore energy?

What does the person that often stays up late eat to restore energy?

what does the person that often stay up late eat to restore energy?

1, stay up late should eat more vitamins

overall, stay up late people’s daily diet, must be balanced intake of six categories of food, dinner eat rich in vitamin B group of food, absolutely necessary! There are many members of vitamin B group, including folic acid, nicotinic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and so on. Dark green leafy vegetables and legumes are rich in folate, which helps to repair cells and prevent infection and anemia; Vitamin B6 or nicotinic acid in liver, fish, whole grains, soybean food, vegetables and fruits can maintain skin health and slow down aging; As for vitamin B12, which is related to memory and attention, you can eat it in red meat, milk and cheese.

2, drink plenty of water, keep enough water can refresh

when staying up late, the most need to supplement is water, two thirds of the human body is composed of water, many of the basic functions of the human body depend on this simple material can be carried out smoothly. So & lt; Fatigue is the highest dehydration signal; It’s not surprising. Drinking a large glass of water in the morning not only helps to keep the body hydrated, but also promotes metabolism. If you think white water is hard to drink, you can try to make your own flavored water, or add orange juice and lemon juice to the juice to make refreshing water.

3, attention to vitamin a

night work is easy to cause visual fatigue, vitamin A is an important substance involved in the regulation of retinal photosensitivity& mdash; As an important component of rhodopsin synthesis, it can improve the adaptability of eyes to dim light and is beneficial to preventing industrial accidents.

4, whole grains can maintain emotional stability

carbohydrates are the source of energy for the brain, but carbohydrates provide energy for the gray matter at the same time, they also slowly consume continuous energy. By maintaining blood sugar levels, these carbohydrates help maintain emotional stability and help sleep later. Whole grains such as sweet potato and oatmeal also contain carbohydrates.

5, eat more fruit

often stay up late to eat some fruit is better, you can DIY do some juice. For example, the following Collocations: apples, carrots, spinach; Banana, papaya, yogurt; Kiwi fruit, orange, lemon; Cucumber, soybean milk and mint; Grapefruit, grape.

6, ensure enough high-quality protein

after night shift, many people lose appetite, a long time affect the nutrition supply. So every day to ensure that there is enough quality protein, inorganic salt and vitamin intake. Appropriate intake of milk, eggs, fish, lean meat, pig liver, soybeans and their products, eat more vegetables, fruits, eat less pure sugar and high fat food.

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