What food can eat calcium?

What food can eat calcium?

what food can you eat calcium?

in fact, many common foods in daily life can supplement calcium, such as milk and dairy products, beans, nuts, small fish and shrimp that can be eaten together with bones, and some green vegetables.


of course, not all vegetables can be calcium, calcium content is relatively high: rape, shallot, broccoli, cabbage, amaranth and so on. Before the food phase table is very popular, when it comes to shallot and tofu can not eat together, because the oxalic acid in shallot and tofu will combine with calcium, affect absorption. Although the rumor is refuted, the effect of oxalic acid on calcium absorption cannot be ignored. Oxalic acid and phytic acid in vegetables do combine with calcium and affect absorption. Therefore, when cooking, we should blanch with water first. Most oxalic acid and phytic acid can be removed, which will not affect our absorption of calcium.

here is to recommend a vegetable, is rape. Every 100g rape contains 108mg of calcium. We can get 270mg of calcium from 250g rape in a meal. Moreover, the oxalic acid, dietary fiber and other ingredients in rape interfere with calcium absorption less than other vegetables, so when you choose vegetables to supplement calcium, rape is your best choice.

milk and dairy products

in our common calcium supplement products, milk and dairy products are the best. This kind of food can not only provide us with high-quality protein, but also rich in calcium. The most important thing is the high calcium absorption rate in milk and dairy products. Each 100ml of milk contains about 104mg of calcium, so drinking 300ml of milk per person per day is equivalent to obtaining 300mg of calcium, which can meet 38% of adults’ daily reference intake of calcium (800mg / D). It should be noted that one-time intake of 300ml of calcium is a little too much for human body to absorb. Therefore, it is recommended that 300 ml of milk be divided into two or three times for drinking. Milk and dairy products contain vitamin D, lactose, amino acids and other factors to promote calcium absorption. So through milk and dairy products to supplement calcium is the best choice.

but there are still a large number of lactose intolerant people in China. These people can choose low lactose content milk and dairy products, such as yogurt, cheese, low lactose milk and so on. Should also avoid fasting milk, should be with staple food consumption, follow the principle of drinking a small number of times, let the body slowly get used to, make the body lactase slowly increase. But intolerant symptoms, such as vomiting, diarrhea, serious, to stop drinking or reduce.


shrimps are often heard of as calcium supplement food. There is a large amount of calcium in shrimp skin, 991mg per 100g. It can be said that the calcium content of shrimp skin is the highest in natural food. Eat 25 grams of shrimp can get about 250 mg of calcium, equivalent to half a jin of milk calcium. But we usually eat the most shrimps, and the content of shrimps in shrimps is less. It is not easy to eat the recommended amount. Moreover, shrimps are high in salt. If we eat too much, we will eat too much salt and energy, which will increase the risk of hypertension and obesity. At present, there are shrimps without salt on the market, so we can choose to avoid excessive salt intake.

beans and bean products

calcium supplement is not the strength of beans, the calcium content of soybean itself is not high (191mg / 100g), and contains more oxalic acid, the absorption and utilization rate of calcium is also relatively low. However, although several times more water is added into soybean products, the calcium content does not decrease much, and oxalic acid decreases, which improves the absorption and utilization rate of calcium in soybean. Bean products in the best calcium is dried tofu. Dried tofu is rich in protein and lecithin, which has a good effect on reducing cholesterol and preventing cardiovascular disease. And dried tofu contains a variety of minerals, can play a role in supplementing calcium. So the prevention of calcium deficiency bean products is also a good choice.

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