What food can eat iron?

What food can eat iron?

what food can you eat to supplement iron?

1 and animal blood

contained 28.3mg iron and 10.1mg protein per 100g chicken blood. In addition to iron, chicken blood also contains zinc, amino acids, protein and other nutrients. The content of iron and lysine in chicken blood is very high, and it is easy to be absorbed by human body. The utilization rate of iron in pig blood, chicken blood, duck blood and other animal blood is 12%. If we pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene, process it into blood tofu and supply it to collective nurseries, it will be a cheap and convenient food for preventing children’s iron deficiency anemia.

2, animal liver

animal liver is rich in iron and has high absorption rate, which is the first choice to prevent human iron deficiency anemia. The content of iron is 31.2mg and protein is 20.8mg per 100g of pig liver. Pig liver is also rich in vitamin A and folic acid, nutrition is more comprehensive. Liver can be processed into various forms of children’s food, such as liver paste is convenient for infants to eat. But the pig liver contains more cholesterol, should not eat too much at a time.

3 and sesame paste

contain 58mg of iron per 100g of sesame paste and rich in calcium, phosphorus and fat. Adding sesame paste to a variety of infant food is very popular among children.

4, all kinds of lean meat

although the iron content of all kinds of red meat is not as high as people think, the iron utilization rate of lean meat is high, and it is easy to buy and process, so it is also one of the iron supplement foods.

5, food rich in vitamin C

food rich in vitamin C can improve the utilization rate of iron food for human body, although it can not directly improve the quality of iron for human body.

6, Auricularia auricula and mushroom

the iron content of Auricularia auricula and mushroom is very high, especially Auricularia auricula, which contains 185 mg of iron per 100 g of Auricularia auricula. Since ancient times, people have regarded it as a good blood tonic. In addition, kelp, laver and other aquatic products are also good food for the prevention and treatment of children’s iron deficiency anemia.

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